Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Painting Finished and a Mystery Solved, Too!

I'm calling this done. I am not 100% thrilled, but then, when am I???

His Imperial Nooginess, at dinner. Note the tummy bulging beyond the extent of his rump - definitely not good.

A better view of his too well-fed tummy.

Electric rope pulled down all along the back fence line.

Bruno was a very busy lad.

You can see where he chomped the richer grass right down to the ground.

He even pulled the plastic guides for the electric wire out of the fence posts.


The mystery was Bruno's increasing girth.  For the past week, he had been fed the same amount, and yet was gaining weight.  It had reached the point where I was worried, and cutting back his hay to bring his tummy down.
 A few years ago, I had a beautiful Hanoverian mare who also loved her food.  I did not realize the seriousness of the weight problem, and as a result, she developed laminitis, foundered and I had to have her euthanized.  I didn't think I would ever get over it.  We had been together for almost twenty years.  So now, I am very alert to weight gain in a horse.
Back to Bruno.  He was still too big in the girth, so I thought to go out in the field this afternoon to see if I could find his secret stash.  I  did, and now the fence is re-done, re-wired, and the lad's weight should come back to normal in the next few days.

As ever, I love to read your comments.


  1. Ohoh Bruno!
    And you should be pleased with your tulip, I think it is beautiful!

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  3. I learned something new here Kathryn. I'm going to have Honey snap me from the backside to see if my tummy bulges beyond my rump. That's better then the bathroom scale LOL being the visual person I am.

    --So the electric fence? If the fence is live, than Bruno can still pull it down to get to where the grass is greener? It doesn't look like much of a barricade unless it's live.

    Leave the poppies alone. They are done and beautiful. --One artist to another who understands: I have learned no painting we do is ever done. I think it's because we're always growing. One artist I was reading about said, it's best to get them out of the studio as soon as possible. Another artist said, he had run into paintings he had done years before and wished he had them back. Our lot is we're never satisfied and always searching for perfection. Turn it to the wall and go mend fences. --Your life reads pleasant.

  4. Glad you solved Bruno's weight gain mystery before it got out of hand. One gas to be so careful, especially this time of year.

  5. It's funny how an animal can get fat eating grass, poor Bruno. Love the new painting!

  6. Oh my gosh, I didn't know that horses had to be kept in line as far as diet is concerned...good you found out where the problem was.
    And Kathryn your tulip is just awesome, beautiful and clean and no brushstrokes, you are so talented! xoxo

  7. Sounds as if Bruno's keeping you on your toes! Glad you found out his secret.

    I really like the floral! Very interesting negative spaces.

  8. That's the problem is it - I'll have to cut out lush grass. Good job it's nothing to do with chocolate :0)

  9. There are not only humans who are familiar with gluttony. Ah, the tender grass of spring!
    The background of the flower is so soft, rellay good. I's a nice idea to paint a tulip which starts getting older.

  10. Mail the tulip painting to: BR549 Skinny Street.
    What a story, so funny and scary.

  11. Hi Kat
    We love the flower- its beautiful!
    We also know about the seriousness of things that can happen to horses. Sorry you had that terrible experience with the mare and her laminitis,,, and all. We have been there.

  12. katharyn beautifully finished ... grass cutter bruno !!! bet he was enjoying that grass !