Friday, May 11, 2012

The Survival Garden, Etc. ...

I like having a vegetable garden, as well as a flower garden. This year, I didn't have the time or energy to rototill, so I am trying container gardening. This spot gets sun all day long so it should be good. I planted lots of snow peas, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, red peppers, and of course carrots. 

Hopefully, a small stash for Bruno.

The lupine is doing very well, too. I became fascinated with them after watching a Monty Python skit eons ago, about an 18th c. highwayman by the name of Dennis Moore, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, but he stole lupines. OK, you had to be there .. 

Day lilies coming along well, now that we have more sun and warmth.

I am here with the "practice" version of the Burrard Bridge. Already I can see the right hand blues are too dark, but it will look different when the buildings are done.

And the tulip needs help.

I've heard rumors to the effect that Joscelyn [ the dentist with the broken arm] is planning to come back to a full work schedule next week. She only had the pins pulled out [literally] two days ago, so we all, at the office, think she's pushing it, but then she is a very determined lady. So I may be back to footloose and fancy-free, but financially tight  very soon. To be continued ...

As always, please be most welcome to leave your comments - love 'em!


  1. I hope your container gardens do good. What an excellent idea. We had a frost for 3 nights now and killed the tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers! Have to start over.
    Good you are growing a stash for Bruno!
    The poppy is looking beautiful already!
    The bridge-- it just looks so hard!

  2. First of all: I love the tulip!
    I also like your container vegetable garden, great idea! I hope you share pictures of the grown veggies! I am hoping to move to an apartment this year and then I'll only have a balcony to grow flowers/veggies on. Hope you can give me some advice then.

  3. We are so far behind with our garden this year, Kathryn - the wettest April on record. We usually do vegetables and flowers, and have various apple, pear and cherry trees. Lupins usually self-seed, so once you have one they spread.

    I follow the 'bridge' with interest - it seems to be developing nicely. The tulip is amazing.

    Hope the arm works for her, and free's you to go back to 'play'. :0)
    Good weekend!

  4. It looks like you're a couple of weeks ahead of us. I haven't seen a daylily yet--yet there are buds, also on the iris, which I've got to dig up and divide this year. I envy you your survival garden. I have no area with all day sun--I'd have to be moving those pots around all day.

    The bridge looks like it's progressing well. I wouldn't worry about the blue being too dark till the buildings are in. Right now, the blue has added depth. it looks good.

  5. Looks like you are making very good use of your time! Your garden and paintings are coming along nicely.

  6. You're still plugging away at the paintings - I think they will get there :) The tulip is almost done now! I liked the stealing lupines but never saw that skit :) And your garden looks good. I don't even plant a container garden anymore but have had good tomatoes from containers. You'll have to keep us updated and perhaps even a watercolor or two to document your garden!

  7. Container gardening will be fine...you just have to remember watering :-))...keep us up to date on this project . The tulip is looking really good...really looking forward to seeing more. Hugs

  8. Loving the sky on your bridge painting!

  9. Kathryn, this is such a great idea!! I'm so anxious to see how it grows in these great buckets...I think the peppers will be really nice...your bridge is coming out great as well as the flower.....wonderful reference shot of the lupines and day lilies!!! Have a great day today!!!

  10. I love to see all of your photo's. We planted six broccoli plants out last month and the birds have eaten the lot! Grrr! So we have put a net across and hope they might recover. Your paintings are coming along nicely. I picked my watercolour brushes up for the first time in over a year yesterday and will post the results tomorrow! I am excited to have rediscovered them :0)

  11. hy Kathryn, every person have the garden that it deserve...
    you a beautifull vegetal garden, i a little vegetable terrace garden hahahhaha, but lupins are for what?

  12. I am busy with the gardening as well, I started a few things inside and starting to get them ready to move into the garden. We just have to get my son to do the rotortilling!!
    Your pictures are coming along well.

  13. I am excited about the bridge!! Something new for you. It sounds like you are busy and happy as always. I may have to come visit you and Bruno soon:)

  14. Love the bucket garden! Great idea if you want to avoid weeding and all the really hard work! Fantastic!

    Your tulip is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see it finished! And that city/water scene is pretty cool.. Where is that?