Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Continuing Saga of Bruno

I think I left off here, with just some light washes of color in the two moons.

I darkened the "wall" in front of the horse, and started intensifying the colors in both figures.

More color. This photo was taken in studio light.

Same stage, in overcast daylight.
Again, I must apologize for the color variations.  It's so frustrating, and neither photo is accurately showing the colors nor the values. Is is the camera? the editing system on the computer?

I was hoping to ride today, but it is so incredibly wet. Apparently, we in B.C. are having the coldest and wettest June ever. OH BOY!! Yes, Bruno has his snorkeling gear on, and would like another pair of flippers, as he wore his out last summer.
And I did manage to get over to my vet's, and scale his dogs' teeth. Yes, sometimes this hygienist makes house calls. Anyway, I'm working on this painting, as I still don't know how I will approach the bridge painting.  Considering the weather, I should have a lot of indoor time to think about it.

As always, your comments are most welcome.


  1. Looks like you are almost home with this "two moons in one", Kathryn. A challenging view, but you've pulled it off! See, rainy days are good for something! To me, the outdoor photo looks sharper with more contrast and detail.

  2. It's coming along so nicely, Kathryn....I can't wait to see the next post..I'll be away for a week (Tucson) so I'll see it when I get back!!