Sunday, July 15, 2012


Andy, the most important man for the horse - my hay guy! I had photos of his farm posted last summer, when I visited his  acreage to look [and smell and feel] his hay. Having a good, nutritious hay, suitable for your horse's needs is of utmost importance. Andy is a wonderful man - bright, great farmer, takes pride in what he does. He's a great gentle bear of a man. ;)  ... and doesn't have any idea his photo will be all over the world. 

My sketch

Some greys for the shadows

Here I have the local color down.

My aunt requested I do a portrait of her friend's grand-daughter at her graduation from university. This is NOT the best photo from which to paint a portrait, but ...

My sketch

Shadows in place

A bit of local color

I absolutely cannot NOT paint, so I got some sketches ready yesterday, put them on wc. paper, and started.

I finally had another riding lesson this morning at 9. Sometimes it is next to impossible for Rhonda, my trainer, and me to connect. And she put both of us through our paces today, so to speak. We are getting into more "advanced" work - lengthening and shortening stride, leg yielding, and today the shoulder in. I always get confused with the shoulder in going on the right rein. Rhonda says I am just over-complicating it - it's my way. ;) Anyway, that's life on the farm for today.

As always, your comments are most welcome!


  1. I love a glimpse into your life Kathryn. :) And both portraits are looking great already! You did get some challenging poses, but your sketches look really well done, you have the likeness right on. :) I'm longing for a riding lesson when you describe it, glad you had fun.

  2. Okay, I'm doing horses and you're doing portraits...What is the moon blue?

    Andy does look like a kind fellow with a sense of humor. I can see it in his eyes. You're off to a good start. As for that graduation picture, it isn't the best, but I know you'll make the best out of it. I can see it in your drawing.

  3. Kathryn!!! This is really great! The likeness is incredible. Your Aunt's friend will love her granddaughters portrait...!! Andy looks great as well.

  4. I think the portraits looks wonderful!
    You are so lucky you got to go riding!

  5. such courage - two portraits back to back! lookin' good!