Monday, August 6, 2012

She Is One TOUGH Woman ... or ... A Portrait of My Riding Instructor

My trainer, Rhonda - sweet, kind to the animals, an excellent instructor, and tough when the situation calls for it. I've always admired her coloring. She looks so "peaches-and-cream" healthy all the time.
My sketch

1st very thin glaze of quin. burnt orange

A grey glaze for the shadows

Flesh color over face and neck
Looking very weird at this stage

Some local color, and 1st glaze for the eyes

More local color, and starting the lips

Rhonda has been invaluable to my horsey life. She found Bruno for me. She referred me to Andy, the great hay supplier. She has been a help with training and health issues with the horses. And she is just an all-round good, up-beat person.
I first met her about 8 years ago, working in a dental office in Langley; she was a patient. Then, a few years after that, I was having problems with a young thoroughbred I had, and she came to help in his training. The horse did not straighten out, and I gave him back to the rescue group from which I had acquired him, but I stayed with Rhonda as a trainer. Yes, I basically ride dressage, and she is a hunter/jumper rider, but her knowledge is great, and her attitude is fabulous. As long as I have been painting with portraits, I have wanted to paint her. Her coloring is enviable - all year round. So here is the start of my 1st attempt ...

As always, your comments are most welcome!


  1. Your right,, she does look like peaches and cream and sounds like the perfect horsey friend to me!
    Something about horsey people is they are alway willing to share their knowledge and help out at any time!
    The portrait will be spectacular!

  2. Nice to meet her through your portrait! She looks lovely!

  3. Peaches and Cream - love that! And your portrait is coming along beautifully :0)

  4. Wow, Kathryn!!! Excellent likeness!! I look forward to this one progress. She looks like such a nice lady!!

  5. I love that you show the stages of your work! The portrait will be gorgeous!!
    Warm regards.

  6. Looking beautiful Kathryn! And she does have enviable coloring. Wish my skin looked like that! :)

  7. Looking good and I love the one on your last post as well. You really need lots of layers to get those colours, very interesting. Looking forward to the finish. PS. I don't like that final comment, 'first attempt', very negative thinking.

  8. She looks strong and beautiful at the same time!Your portrait looks great at this stage.Hope to see the finished one soon...I really respect those artists who work with washes; I have tried and failed many times :)

  9. I checked in early this morning on my way out. You are really doing wonderful things with portraiture, which is dominating my every arty thought. The graduate came out great--and so will your instructor. She does look happy in her job. What a joy.

  10. Hello Kathryn:) It's so nice to see how you start building up your portraits, and so nice that you share this with us.
    Rhonda seems a very nice lady to me and I'm sure this is going to be a beautiful portrait!