Monday, September 17, 2012


The dogs were not impressed.

The above photos are of my set-up. I had two neighbors drop by. Norma brought her sister, niece and nephew, and their new pup. They asked about training tips for the pup, and mentioned they'd like a portrait when she is full-grown. She is only 9 weeks now ... hmmm.
There was absolutely NO response to the signs I put out on the street.

Stages of collection - increasing response, over time with training, of the horse to the rider's aides. The aides are your seat, legs and hands, basically, and how you balance and use them.

This is a graphic visualization of the weight-shift of a horse, over time with training.

A few people asked for a bit more clarification of "on the bit". I could go on forever about horses. I'll restrain myself. Essentially, the purpose of training is to get the horse to shift its engine, from front-wheel to back-end drive. All the powerful muscles are at the hind end, and through training, we encourage the horse to use and develop these muscles. It is gymnastics/yoga for horses.

As for the "show", it was disappointing. I am running out of sly and cunning plans to get people to notice my art. ANY SUGGESTIONS???

As always, your comments are most welcome.


  1. That is disappointing, Kathryn, I am so sorry. I think the only alternative to a live show is the worldwide web.
    Thanks for the horse graphics, I now understand more of the training involved! Really interesting!

  2. I am lost at marketing my art but I really applaud your efforts. The only thing I can think would be to advertize in the local papers around the time of the fair or to actually put up a booth at the fair.
    I recently read some information oo training of horses in getting ready for the Olympics, and then I read your clarifications of on the bit - I am amazed. I did not realize the complexity and attention to the most minute details that training at these levels involve.