Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Tis the season ...

I thought I'd model the mask one of my patients gave me years ago, when I started riding. When I was feeling goofy at work, I'd wear it under my protective mask, and then take the top mask off to reveal the "inner me"!!! Dentistry really can be too serious sometimes, so I add some humor.

I left the red/green man here ...

I glazed over the background with a mix of quin. violet and phthalo green. I gave him pupils, and started on the mouth. 

This is un-retouched. 

I've increased the saturation somewhat. The colors are weird, but I think it looks quite good. Whoa!!! ... I think I like it! The painting still needs a fair bit of work. I'd like to put a fig leaf earring in the ear. [Julian wears an earring.] And I am tempted to do a graded wash over everything, dark on the right to almost nothing on the left.

I had the BEST ride today! Finally after five years, I feel like I'm getting my strength, endurance and muscle memory back. I've been riding during that time, but not really training. Either I had someone else's horse, or had a horse that I couldn't "push". Good ol' Bruno [not so old] is eminently suitable for training. He's fairly young, fit and very strong physically and mentally, and he has come to really trust me. That took time - when he first came here, he did not even want to be patted. I guess life on the pacing track was hard. I am LOVING our times together.

As always, your comments are most welcome.   


  1. Hahaha, nice to see you!
    The red/green man is beautiful, Kathryn! I admire your patient brushwork so much!

  2. I chuckled when I saw your photo's Kathryn! Great dental work, lol!
    The Green man is coming on beautifully too :0)

  3. Ya que " el hombre verde" no esta terminado, me permito opinar de la mascara de caballo. Me ha desatado una carcajada muy beneficiosa. Fantástico. Saludos

  4. Hi Studio at the farm,
    that is a nice mask!
    I want a cat version though.

    Your colours are always very attractive.
    Hani Hani

  5. Never short on humor are you :-))) I had a good chuckle seeing you like this :-)))

  6. Ha Ha! Cute photo of you! Your painting is very good!

  7. You make me laugh with your beautiful teeth :)))
    Very beautiful portrait !

  8. LOVE that mask Kathryn!! I would love to see you take off your pro mask to see this, but my kids would probably scream in terror. :) And your portrait is looking wonderful, I really like her expression. :)

  9. Love the "green" man - his expression is so joyful - and its not easy painting teeth. Then again, with your background in dentistry, I should expect you to excel in that area! :)! So happy to hear of your happiness in riding Bruno and the relationship you two have established. I can only imagine how wonderful that must be!

  10. I love how your Green Man is coming along..I think the graded wash would be perfect! and of course, your Halloween mask is absolutely perfect!!! LOL Waiting for your next post!!

  11. I've heard you talk of masking in painting ... but it's the first time I've actually seen it :0))

    The Green man cometh ... so far so good!