Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Quickie

I used aureolin, quin. gold and quin. red.

A dash of quin. violet - very thinly - in some of the shadows.

And phthalo green [YS], quin. burnt orange and indanthrone blue for the leaves. I wanted to keep them very simple so they would not detract from the bud. I did this small [23 x 10 cm.] painting for the receptionist at work, who is doing her darnedest to get me booked with patients. It's a very slow time of year in dental offices.

I know this looks like a pink "blanc mange", but I'm hoping it magically turns into an exquisite pink rose. This one is for the dental assistant, who is such a joy to work with. Other than the fact that I am not busy enough to keep body and soul and horse together, it is a fabulous office in which to work!

As always, your comments are most welcome.


  1. Such a pretty flower and i can smell it.

  2. Just beautiful Kathryn! The colours together are stunning :0)

  3. A perfect quickie, Kathryn!!!

  4. Wow!! The rose is looking awesome. Such a great drawing.

  5. A beautiful quickie. Aren't you kind. I know they will love their rose. Thanks, also, for reminding me I have to make an appointment with the hygienist; I cancelled my scheduled appointment last month because it turned out to be the day before my knee thing. I can only take one doctor appointment a week :-))

  6. Very,very beautiful!
    I don't have quin and pathalo green either.
    I want to try these colour someday.
    Thank you for sharing.