Monday, April 29, 2013

If a Battle Cannot Be Won, Do Not Fight It - Sun Tzu

I am trying to keep my mind occupied today, so I have been working on these two paintings.
Above, the entire paper, except the focal flower,  was done in a w/w wash of quin. pink

Just hopping around ...

Getting some darks into the background ...

... and a bit more detail in the petals.

This painting got a varied wash of permanent rose.

Then I did the same with indanthrone blue.

Here I've done some work on the grain of the wood, and the glass of the window.

The quote from Sun Tzu explains [sort of] why I am not riding today. It is sunny - gorgeous, but cold and SOOO windy! I would either be blown out of the saddle, or unceremoniously jettisoned from the saddle by you-know-who. This type of weather makes horses very frisky - to put it mildly. So that, plus the more intense level of work to which I am taking him, makes for a much more difficult ride. I think even a pro would have her hands full riding today. So I am choosing my battles. :) This is one I would not win today.

As always, your comments are most welcome!~


  1. You're really getting better and better, Kathryn...these are coming along beautifully...love the colors on the flowers...!!

  2. oh it is windy here tooo,, good you stayed out of the saddle and did not blow away- or we would not be able to see your magical step by step paintings!

  3. Both works look like a very good start.I am especially looking forward to the second painting :)Hoping for nice weather in coming days, it looks promising!

  4. beautiful beginnings and a wonderful quote. we must learn to choose our battles. looking forward to seeing both pieces completed and hoping the wind dies down and the day heats up for you my gunkness!

  5. The pink color of the flower is really beautiful and so are the greens, coming along wonderfully !

  6. The floral is really developing great. And I am smitten with that blue of the window. Sorry about you not being able to ride, but your art really benefitted from the wind.

  7. I remember riding frisky horses on blustery days. :) you are a wise woman. I love both of these pieces, you always use colors so beautifully, and I've noticed you've gotten more daring with your values which is awesome. Those boots you painted are a knock out!!

  8. I once rode a horse through the woods and it started to thunder. The horse was absolutely terrified! I'll never know how I managed the half hour treck back to the stables with out being hurled out of my saddle, but I will say that my biceps, triceps and inner thighs were in agony when I finally got back, lol!
    The pink is stunning - what a gorgeous colour! Your flowers are always amazing! And I'm looking forward to seeing how the other one progresses :0)

  9. "Discretion is the best part of valour"

    I'm watching your WIP with intense interest, and learning all the time.

    Thank you for taking the time to give advice on my Samovar painting.