Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress on Sadie Does the Swamp, and a New Painting ...

I have darkened the water, lifted out for her front end, and am still darkening her fur.

I have placed the beginnings of more background. I showed it to Scott [my farrier] today, when he came to do Bruno's shoeing. He liked it. Me ... I am still not thrilled with her face. 

Started a new one of my faithful paddock boots. I finished a ride a few days ago, came inside, kicked off my boots ... and then took a long look at them. I got my camera, and took a few photos.

I have laid in most of the basic color. Painting around those laces was a lesson in patience! But now that is done, it is easier to see where I'm going.
That's it for the art part of my world. My aunt is still in the hospital - still no decision on a course of action after three and a half weeks. And Bruno and I are doing Boot Camp - it's all good. :)

As always, I love to hear from you!


  1. uh-oh, when I hear you say you are not happy with a face I have visions of the painting being done over and over.. have we been there before?
    and loving the boots!

  2. Sadie is coming on 'swimmingly'
    And the boots too - great subject :0)

  3. Sadie is looking wonderful and I love the boots! Praying for good news for your aunt.

  4. Hope all turns out well for your auntie. Meanwhile, keep on with these paintings. Great work!