Sunday, May 12, 2013

UNDER-IMPRESSED with masking fluid ... AGAIN!!!!!

I started to work on the shadows first this morning, and was quite displeased to find that, although the paper "looked" all right, it did not accept water well at all. I really like to paint w/w, but with this painting, I am forced to dab and soften. I'd like to finish it as best as I am able, as I really do like the background.  I probably would have thrown it out, but I was watching/listening to the movie "Troy", and was happily distracted.
WOW, what a great movie!!! I've always enjoyed Greek and Roman mythology and history, and I found this movie to be quite well done. It didn't go into the meddling by the gods of Olympus - just focused on the war, and the siege of Troy. I am not a war-monger or lover of brutality by any stretch of the imagination, but the glory [I suppose] and the honor of one-on-one battle was very stirring.
Back to painting - and time to change masking fluid brands again.

As always, your comments are most welcome!

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  1. I've never got along with masking fluid either. But anyway, I really like the painting so far! The background is great! :0)