Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Paper and Paste Menagerie Is Growing ...

I start with a few sketches to get an idea of pose and proportion.

Then I scrunch up some newspaper into balls, and tape with masking tape.  Legs, fingers and toes, I usually use a wire armature of some sort - craft wire, coat hanger, twist-tie. Then I wrap the wire in paper, too, and tape it.

My next step is taping all the body parts together, and making sure the figure stands solidly, and is in proportion.

Meet Mr, Przewalski, ready for some paper and paste treatment. The Przewlaski horse is believed to be the progenitor of all horse breeds. I think there are still some herds on the Asian steppes, and in sanctuaries world-wide.

Sketches for the dog figure.

It's supposed to be a Basset hound, but I'm not sure if it will be long enough.
Now to get REALLY messy with some flour and water paste!!!

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  1. Were having so much fun- watching you do this,, and be happy!