Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So ... What Did I DO This Week???

... finished the Three Muses - I THINK. I'll leave them for a few days, and then take a critical look.

... am trying to hatch a robin's egg - don't know how successful I'll be using a hot water bottle

... for what it's worth, received my award for a painting

... groomed Bruno innumerable times ...

...I could stuff a pillow with what I have taken off this week ...

looking somewhat scruffy

...did a bit of work on the veggie garden

... left my lunge line and whip outside every time I used it

... cleaned out the flower gardens a bit

... and stopped to admire the tulip!
Thank you for dropping by! Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Wow, Kathryn, you've been a busy bee! What did you do, drink tons of coffee every day? :-)
    The "Three Muses" look great! Love them! Hope your beautiful blue egg hatches . . . how exciting! Great to hear what you've been up to and that you've certainly accomplished a lot!

  2. I'm exhausted reading everything you did! Lol. Congratulations on the award! So well deserved, Kathryn..and your painting is finished perfectly! Love it....

  3. Une semaine chargée! (^‿^)
    Félicitations pour votre magnifique aquarelle et pour cette récompense bien méritée.
    Bises :)

  4. Congratulations on your award! The Three Muses is just beautiful ♥
    Are you rolling the egg too?

  5. Your muses are superb, and congratulations on this very well deserved prize ! xx

  6. The Muses are lovely - great finish. Congrats on your award! Now take a much deserved rest!

  7. What a lovely week, congratulations on your award, I love your Muses and dear Bruno is so beautiful. It's fun to see him too and all you've done this week. love to you,Diana

  8. You did lots,, and I think you had fun too!
    Such beautiful art work that you do!