Sunday, May 25, 2014

Leaving the Geese for a While ...

I thought I'd go back to more a more familiar subject.

The colors in the photo are not as intense as in real life. This is after about 10 washes of various colors.

Now I am just slowly and carefully picking my way through the rhododendron petals.  This is quite small, only 8 x 6 inches, so using tiny brushes.

Meet Maggie. I brought her here yesterday, from a veterinary clinic in Burnaby.
When talking with one of my sisters [she of the Boxers] on Friday, somehow the subject of this Mexican rescue dog came into our conversation. Maggie had been brought up here about ten weeks ago by the vet who owns the clinic - she regularly travels down to Mexico to do free clinics and surgeries, and also brings back a few young rescued dogs. Maggie was fostered out when she got here, but it didn't quite work out. The vet knew she would need a special sort of home, and did not think she would find it.  So when Maggie came back from the foster home, they were going to euthanize her this weekend. This is the story I heard from my sister. So, after seeing her photo, and falling in love with those gorgeous golden eyes and huge ears, I went into action. The result is Miss Maggie is right now snuggled on my bed, settling in beautifully. The other two dogs here love her. Even Bruno accepts her, and he is not a big dog fan.

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. Hi Kathryn:) I didn't know you already had two dogs! Maggie is so lovely. And her ears are cute! You are a great person doing these kind of things. I hope she love her new home:)
    Your paintings is going to be beautiful, that's for sure:) The colors are very nice. Have a nice day!xx

  2. Oh what a lovely story, I'm so glad Maggie found a loving home ...you ARE a great mum ! AND a great artist, the flower is already looking very elegant ! xx

  3. Hi Kat
    You will do magical things with the new flower you are painting!! Oh it will be soo beautiful!
    And you are doing magical things for Maggie- like showing her how it feels to be held and loved!
    You are giving her a second chance ! Your love extends sooo deeply- that's one of the many things we love about you!

  4. Maggie is beautiful and her eyes are very striking! We can't wait to see the rhododendron painting come to life!

  5. I love your Rhody painting so far! When my Sister and Bro-in-Law lived up in Washington, they were everywhere! Such a beautiful flower we don't have down here in SoCal! (If they are here, I've never seen them)!
    Maggie looks like such a sweetie and I am so glad to hear the critters in your household accept her! It's so great of you to give this pretty girl a good home! Now all you've got to do is teach her English!

  6. And now a homeless with a new roof and new friends! Great news and a lovely story.
    I love rhododendrons, I have several varieties in my garden, one that smells wonderful : R. luteum.
    Not easy to paint .

  7. Oh Kathryn!!! Maggie is definitely a keeper...I need to hug her and you for taking in this beautiful girl!!!
    There's so many dogs and cats that need forever homes and I never understood why someone would want to spend so much money on a dog from a store when so many dogs from a shelter is begging to be loved.... anyway.....this flower is coming along so beautifully!!! I really look forward to seeing your next post!!

  8. Just finished catching up. What were you thinking? You are not supposed to stop those pills abruptly, but slowly by cutting down the dosage over a period of time. I am glad you are feeling better, but who needed to go through what you did.

    I agree about the flower. The geese are interesting. Maybe it's their shadows that should be cast on the foreground. The painting is an interesting play of rigid uniformity, the pillars, and perhaps the more haphazard behavior of geese? They might be arranged too uniformly? I'd give it another go.