Monday, May 19, 2014

Not Thrilled with the Geese ...

I took 2 photos, one in B/W, to see if I could see what is wrong with this. It looks like the geese need more form shadow, and the pillars as well. I think I must have become lost, doing all the w/w washes of the ground, not really seeing the entire painting. 

For several reasons, I stopped taking an anti-depressant I had been on for over twenty years. The side effects of withdrawal have been most unpleasant - dizziness, fatigue, formication, general feeling of flu symptoms and yuckiness. I've had to watch myself at work, with patients, and with the animals - not to be too grumpy. And of course it affects my painting, and how I perceive it. Anyway, this too shall pass ...

Thank you for dropping by! Comments are alwayswelcome.


  1. We think the geese painting is coming along beautifully! We hope you feel better soon.

  2. Kat... we agree with Mitch and Molly.. Your geese are coming along perfectly - no need to fret or worry- its all as it should be... one step at a time. Its all good. The geese have feeling,,, we know it,, cause we feel it!
    We hope you get to feeling better too,, sending love to you!

  3. I think it has the makings of another wonderful painting!
    Once you have added the shadows of the Geese on the ground, they will look anchored and it will make a big difference.
    Taking a B&W photo is a fantastic way of spotting these things isn't it?
    I do hope your withdrawal symptoms pass soon - It sounds awful!
    Hugs to you :0)

  4. hope you beat the withdrawal symptoms soonKathryn - 20 years is a long time to be taking pills so I imagine it will take time to rid the system. Yep, a grumpy dental hygienist is a scary thought LOL

    I think the geese will be wonderful once you add their features .... its the comical faces that brings these characters to life.

  5. Hi Kathryn,
    Hope you feel better soon! I know you will.
    I've looked and looked at this Geese painting you are working on. It has a beautiful, elegant feel to it. I noticed something about the composition that may be what's bugging you. Four of the geese's heads line up perfectly with the "horizon" line making a tangent. If the geese were varied height-wise it might look better to you. I hope I am not sounding too critical but it is something I noticed which, a lot of times, is easier for an "outsider" to see!

  6. I wouldn't worry too much about the geese, they will be fine I'm TOTALLY sure ! Once you feel better it will come easily and you will see what to do. Hope your withdrawel symptoms go away fast and you will be back to your own self again ! xx

  7. I do hope you start feeling better and hope that you are under a doctor's care - or advice - on stopping the anti-depressant. I can't imagine taking something like that for so long so wishing you the very best. And you're going to hate me but seeing everything in black and white, the geese heads are "kissing" the bg part and need to be elongated since it would be hard to raise that floor without ruining the bottoms of the pillars! Sometimes we just don't see it until other eyes are on the painting. I don't see a problem with the volume of the geese themselves, though.