Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Work on the Latest Rose before I Go Out to PLay Dominatrix with Bruno ...

I left off here ...

I have gradually been adding aureolin and quin. sienna, and a touch of pink to the lower petals ...

... and then quin. sienna and aureolin to the top petals.

Close-up of flower.

I have to leave this for a few days. I'm starting to wonder if I like it or not - not a good sign.  Time to work on the Rio painting, and maybe another one of some geese ...
That's it for the rose for now. Off to play dominatrix with Bruno.

Thank you for dropping by. Your comments are always welcome.
And YES ... in case you're wondering, all these paintings are available.


  1. SIGN IT!!! It's beautiful!!!!! and definitely finished. The light shining through the rose is amazing..

  2. I thing your huge success in this Rose is not only the flower itself, but also the leaves penetrated by the sun light, Kathryn! Have a great day! Irina

  3. Gosh... so many layers! You would probably like oils since you like layering!
    It is simply beautiful as it is! :0)

  4. The yellow creates a wonderful sunlit feel to the rose, Kathryn, very beautiful!

  5. I can't imagine what your hesitation about this rose could be! The light glowing through the lower petals and leaves is fantastic. It's a knockout, Kathryn!

  6. I agree with Susan ... knockout!
    Dominatrix eh? Well, those whips and spurs do come in handy LOL
    Hope you had an easier ride today