Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Honeymoon with Maggie Is Over

Ol' Kath is BORING ...

I'd rather play with my great new friend - we tussle, we dig holes, we swim, we chase things ....

Kath plays with BIG, scary animals, and they don't like me around too much when they play together.

Kath plays with noisy machines. This is her, after a long weed-whacking session.

But enough of Maggie's perspective,
I discovered the beauty of cropping. I think this iris looks so much better tightly cropped.

And I have slowly been moving along with this painting ...

I added a dark shadow - too dark, so toned it down ...

... and laid in a soft burnt orange wash on the foreground to alleviate some of the starkness of the white. I also masked an outline of the geese, and did some wet-in-wet applications of burnt orange and a dark brown to give the impression of long grass for the background. The next step will be to add some thin glazes of pink, orange and blue on the shadowed areas of the geese.

Started the knight, and I am not sure what to make of it yet. We'll see.

It's been rather hectic with the new dog. I find myself running around  making sure she is not in trouble, that Bruno has not stepped on her, that the two dogs are not chasing Bruno [though I think they all enjoy the romp], that Maggie has not found a hole in the fence through which to disappear [she's done that twice] Seems we are all going through a little period of adjustment!

Thank you for dropping by! Your comments are always welcome!


  1. Busy girl! Sorry you've lost your best friend - seems she's a fickle thing but perhaps best not to be around loud machines and big animals :)

  2. Ohhh look at the geese!!! We feel them!!!
    And were happy Maggies world is getting bigger and better everyday!!!!!! Happy for everyone!
    And the horsey painting is coming to life too!! yippy!! keep on!! keep on!

  3. That's just how our dad looks after his weedwacking session! Love, love, love the goose painting!

  4. Ohoh Maggie is full of mischief, a sign that she is happy with you! Nice to see your feet in person! :)
    Another great geese painting, Kathryn! Looking forward to the armored knight. There is a real full size armor here somewhere in front of a shop in my town, I'll see if I can take a picture of it soon.

  5. Keeps you on your toes LOL , and you gorgeous watercolors certainly haven't resented from this adjustment :-) xx

  6. Wow, you are a busy woman! Managing the animals, taking care of the farm and working on, not one, but three paintings at the same time! They look great in their varying stages!

  7. Love all of these, Kathryn!! I love the iris cropped....beautiful work with it and of course, Maggie looks like such a brat already!!! don't you just love them?!

  8. I know what you mean about a new dog. Ha ha. I'm still watching Sadie like a hawk. Your paintings are lovely. take care, love,Diana

  9. Hi Kathryn:) So We have both the same experience with a new dog: care, run, play. Pfew, busy days:)! What you look dirty. Your dogs have to look like this, not you!! hahaha.What is your painting with the geese nice!!!! Really great. I find the shadow right beautiful. I'm very curious about your Knight. The perspective is in any case quite nicely. Just go ahead:) Hugs xx

  10. Wow, I almost missed this post! Fantastic progress shots! The paintings all look amazing :0)