Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Trying Out Some Botanical Painting while I Creep Up toward the Front of the Horse ...

Slowly working my way forward, doing detail work - tail done, hoof shadows, some  work on the tack ...

I started two botanical style paintings. These are hawthorn berries. The berries were started with quin. sienna. The leaves were done with a wash of aureolin, followed by quin. gold and phthalo green.

... glazed with alizarin crimson

... realized the reds and oranges were not going to give the depth of shadow I wanted, so did a dry brush glaze with a brown mixture.

Now I am back to glazing with sienna here, and will move to alizarin and see what I get.
Painting is 33 x 14 cm.

Blackberries - some berries were started with cobalt blue, the others with brown madder and a aureolin/brown madder/cobalt blue mixture.

Then I quickly got them dark - the berry on the left I tried to paint without masking, got impatient and masked the rest of the dark ones.

Now I have to go back and soften and play with the edges left by the masking.
This painting is 33 x 16 cm.

It's a gorgeous, sunny day here, but the wind is HOWLING! I'll have to wait till it calms a bit before going out to play with the lad. He's been feeling very feisty lately with the cooler weather.

Thank you for dropping by! 


  1. I like these botanical paintings, waiting for the horseman...Arianna

  2. Wow the berrys are so beautiful and look like they are glowing!

  3. Waiting for the horseman too, but in the meantime: gorgeous botanicals! I love the blackberries, I know how difficult they are to paint!

  4. There's nothing like taking a charming side step when feeling pressured. You're cool. The horse is your strongest point. Relax and enjoy the ride.

  5. LOVE the blackberries, Kathryn. They look good enough to eat already! I remember picking berries from the bush when I was young! The good old days!! Looking forward to your next post...!!

  6. All looking great so far! That horse is fabulous already and his coat looks so glossy... and those blackberries look good enough to eat already! :0)

  7. Beautiful paintings, as always. It's a treat to view your blog xx

  8. Dear Kathryn - the horse is looking wonderful and those botanical paintings are simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your color mixes. Often times I struggle with what colors to use...especially when reaching for those darks. You really know the right combination. Well hope that wind quits howling so your lad gets a ride! Hugs

  9. So nice to come by here for a look, as it´s allways been! Hope that all is well with you! :)