Monday, October 20, 2014

The Old Grey Pony Is Finished, and BOY!!! Do I Need Practice with Pouring Paint!!!

Old Grey Pony
11 x 13 in./  28.5 x 34 cm.
Available at Daily Paintworks

I wanted to demonstrate poured watercolor to the class last Saturday. So I quickly found an image [of one of my favorite subjects] with strong values, got the drawing on watercolor paper, masked it, and took it to class. I think I started with the paint too concentrated, but went ahead anyway. I used hansa yellow [just because I had a lot, and never use it for anything else], alizarin crimson and indanthrone blue.

I made a mistake or two along the way, but it is a very enjoyable painting technique, and I will come back to it. I guess a better-prepared value study would be a good idea next time!!??? ... or ANY value study!! Must get into the habit of doing those!

Meanwhile, here in Lotusland [aka Vancouver] the rains have started. It is coming down so hard, you can hardly see across the street! Must be making up for the dry summer we had. So Bruno is out in his paddock wearing snorkeling gear and flippers, and I am inside with the rest of the menagerie, trying to decide what to paint next.

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Dear Kathryn,
    First, your pony is amazing! I am in awe of your talent..
    The poured watercolor.... I think yours is just beautiful.. This is something I would really like to try.
    I do use watercolors, but have never tried this technique.
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  2. Old Pony looks wonderful--although I'm a very poor judge of ages. Pour watercolor sounds very interesting. Do you mix up quantities of various values, colors, and just pour it holding the panel over a vat? I've never heard of the technique. Is the stretched paper slanted? Are the results controlled at all? Very curious.

  3. Hi Kat
    Oh the pony is spectacular!!! We can feel its breath- he looks so real!! What a beautiful expressive eye,, and soft muzzle,,,,, We can smell his sweetness too!
    We have never heard of poured watercolor. Is that something a puggy like me can do?
    Its beautiful!

  4. LOVE the pony, Kathryn...he's painted SO beautifully and I love the poured watercolor...I don't know anything about this technique but it looks almost finished...the last painting of it is spectacular!!!

  5. Love the pony and the poured geese painting is fabulous! What fun!

  6. Oh please paint Bruno wearing a snorkel and flippers! Hehe! The image of that really made me chuckle! The old grey horse is lovely Kathryn and I like the strong colourful background of the Geese too - it gives a summery feel to a wet dreary day here in the UK :0)

  7. Wonderful pony and the geese painting is such a fun one. I wonder what it would look like under black light. Maybe something new to try. We have rain here in Maine too. Supposed to rain all week. Blah! Maybe I will get off my duff and start a painting too. Have a great week despite the rain.

  8. Oh my Kathryn - your pony is beautiful. As for the pouring technique - looks so good to me. Do you usually do value studies? I think many serious artists do. Have often heard if the values are right the colors are not as important. It takes the darks and lights to make a painting. You certainly manage to get them perfect as always. Have a delightful day and stay dry...feeling sorry for Bruno. Hope sunshine is on its way for him!

  9. The old pony is fabulous , another great piece to add to your collection ! And the pouring piece is a hit too , the colors are so beautiful , I know it is not as easy as it seems, but you did awesome ! xx

  10. Love the pony - and the pouring? Simply fabulous!

  11. The pony is fabulous, Kathryn! I love to see the process of the pouring technique, beautiful!