Sunday, January 11, 2015

Well ... It Seemed Like a Good Idea in Theory ...

looking cute ...

glazed with permanent rose ... still all right ...

glazed with indanthrone ... not bad ...

WHAT possessed me to try this, I don't know! I wanted to get more violet in the background, and also imply the look of confetti - a party atmosphere. I got very heavy-handed with the violet. And now I have to start this again. Chalk this one up to "live and learn"!!!

Started scrumbling with some dark browns and blacks for the background on Drake.

Finished scrumbling ...

... and then glazed with black. I am not thrilled with the effect the glazing created, and may have to do some lifting and scrumbling to get that rough look again.  Another start???
Well, I buggered one painting, and it is close with the second one, too. The problem with these two was that I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted in the background, especially with Miss P. Drake isn't too bad, and may be salvageable, but I have to start the Westie again, with a much clearer mental image of what I want for a background.

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Oh dear, you sound so despondent Kathryn ... I don't use paint so can't comment on technique but I frequently despair of 'works in progress' when they hit those ugly stages. Neither of these looks unsalvageable to me - perhaps you could just leave them to one side for a while - they are such lovely subjects.

    Miss P Drake is gorgeous ...

  2. Wow! I must not have an artist's eye, because I love both of these paintings, and in particular, the Scottie!

  3. I feel your angst, Kathryn, as it happens to me when I have not thought the painting through thoroughly or if I can't "see" my idea in my mind. I do agree with Sue - neither one of these seems like a loss but only you know what is in your artist's soul and where you want to take each piece. I know you will get there!

  4. We're not artists but both paintings look really good to us!

  5. They are beautiful already,,,!! It could be snow flakes!

  6. Hi Kathryn,
    I think Drake's eye will "sell" any background you put.. he is so very cute. .. And miss P's background allows her to glow.. Great job!!

  7. Even though the two aren't quite what you were wanting to paint, I think I'd follow them through - for me, the Scottie is looking fabulous and I wouldn't be at all unhappy with it.
    Number two still looks fine to me also. Don't mess with the background until the dog is painted, then you'll see more clearly if it needs anything. All watercolour seems to have an 'ugly' phase which if you persist will disappear.

  8. Don't see it as a failure though - only a new lesson learned. Onwards and upwards my friend! You will nail it! :0)

  9. I actually thought you had in mind how the background should be with miss P ,and that was the reason why you didn't like this one ! You know , I think Tweedles is right...could be snowflakes , but I know how tough you are on yourself :-))) xx

  10. You're doing such a fantastic job on Drake, Kathryn. I really love him and the background is amazing as always. Beautiful pose....

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