Friday, March 20, 2015

IMPATIENCE - My Middle Name

Fairly detailed drawing to start ...

First thin, loose washes - quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone. I had considered masking out the horse and farrier, but it's such a pain, and quite often leaves the paper roughened and discolored. 

More washes, a ground and a pair of jeans ...
It looks so dark when I am applying the paint, but then ... presto ... dries to almost nothing. I keep hearing the voice of a painting instructor years ago, commenting on my work  ... darker ... DARKER.  

Reference photo - Bruno and Scott, my farrier - two cute bums :)

I started this one at the same time [being somewhat bored and impatient with Voodoo's "progress"]

Not overly impressed with this either.
Once upon a time, I painted some attractive chickens. What happened? Am I too impatient?

Gave this to my sweet vet.

This was a commission for a neighbor. I ran into her yesterday - we were both out dog-walking. She told me she gets so many compliments on her painting.

And this one I love - bought for a song by my uncle's friend.

Feeling very antsy - impatient and frustrated with my painting lately.  I think I'll head out to the barn, and do some grooming and riding with the Big Guy.
My blog and gmail may disappear for a few days. I cancelled my Visa card. Someone helped themselves twice to my Visa account over the past two months. I wasn't going to re-instate the account, then realized my google accounts were not being paid. So I have re-applied for another account, but not sure when it will become active.

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Lovely serie of paintings! Arianna

  2. My, my you 'have been busy and they are all wonderful. I was going to paint today and started cleaning the studio instead. Guess what...............it's nice and clean and I am too exhausted to paint now. LOL Maybe tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Las pinturas de los animales siguen siendo muy buenas: exquisito dibujo, brillante y controlado el color y mucha exigencia que supone un gran esfuerzo y, tal vez, fatiga...

    Conviene relajarse, descansar para volver a retomar las tareas con nuevo impulso. cada uno debe pintar lo que siente y como lo siente. Y esto de pintar es una batalla nunca ganada plenamente.

    Saludos, Katrhyn, y gracias por los frecuentes comentarios en mi blog.

  4. We love your beautiful work.. your beautiful paintings,, and the bad people
    better leave you alone,,, or I will pee on their shoes!

  5. Kathryn, they are all really great.. I especially like the WIP of the horse and farrier. You know, sometimes we just need to get up and do something else for a bit.. I know with me, it gives me a new perspective when I return to my work... Take a deep breath and relax. Happy spring.

  6. Dishonest people stink.
    Your paintings are so beautiful!

  7. The painting of Bruno and Scott is absolutely amazing and really look forward to seeing the next post!
    The reference photo is SO perfect!!! Your chickens are wonderful! I'm so sorry that someone helped themselves to your Visa account! People are pretty disgusting out there!!! My daughter lost her identity a few years back and it took many years to get it back! She worked with the Police so she didn't have to pay for all the charges on her Visa! I never sign my name in the back of my charge cards... Instead of my signature I put " ask for Identification " ...half the time they don't even look at the back of the card anyway! lol Hope you were things out!

  8. Your chickens are exquisite, and with a little patience the one in progress will be so too ! Love the subject with the farmer and the horse, so original, really great and interesting work always. xx

  9. Do you pay for your googleaccount??? I don´t pay any. Have both my blog,gmail and Google+.
    Enjoyed your painting. I was thinking about your white chicken and that you weren´t satisfied with it. I like it, but can it be that it is white, the others have more color? Try to get alot color in the background instead to compensate, because I think the chicken is perfect. Hug from Sweden.

  10. Lovely bums! And great chicks too! :) I know that impatience..... it will pass....

  11. I have no doubt that grooming and riding and enjoying the arrival of Spring will temper your impatience in general only to make you impatient to get back to painting! Awaiting your return!

  12. Ooh, the painting looks wonderful already - and those roosters are awesome!! Lets hope your blog doesn't disappear!!