Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trying Something Different ...

I painted this last wet-in-wet wash on His Lordship's head this morning, and put it aside to dry. It kept catching my eye ... in a very good way. I think it looks very striking. Let's hope I maintain this feel and look!

This was the first wash - very loose and wet, using quin. burnt orange and a dark violet mixture. 

When dry, I painted a more controlled glaze over the shadows of his face and topline, just indicating the mane.

I also went to a different reference photo.

While working on Voodoo, I also started a study of my niece. Again, I tried to paint in a more impressionistic manner.

Reference photo
It's a beautiful photo, but the quality is not great - wishing I could enlarge it to focus on her face.

I love the old pond in back, and right now am quite taken with the look of the willows. Painting subject soon???

And of course, I always travel with my invaluable photographer's assistant! She is looking quite like a wild dog in this photo.

I think all that brooding this past winter is bearing some fruit. This past week I have been trying to think ... see ... paint with more feeling and intuition, rather than rendering a close copy of a photo. I love the look of the latest version of Voodoo, and hope I can keep that look through to completion. The study of my niece is more difficult for me, but we'll see what happens. Painting this way needs more energy and concentration on my part, so I am going to start something lighter in subject matter - fun, goofy and loose.
I would like to thank all of you for following this blog, and encouraging me with your notes! And a big "thank you" to Linda Roth - your letters of late have encouraged me to move outside the box.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend


  1. Dear Kathryn - Voodoo is looking great. I love the loose feeling you are achieving here. From what I am seeing the background is going to blend right into Voodoo with no hard lines. Love this way of painting - now if I could do it as well. Maybe I can take some lessons from you. Have a delightful Easter week-end.

  2. I love how the new Voodoo is looking - loose and impressionistic does it for me :) And the portrait start looks good, too - love the way the left side bleeds off into the edge and hope you keep that. Remember your soft edges are just as important as your hard edges and you're halfway there :) Good luck and Happy Easter.

  3. We love every single thing you do! When you are having fun,, it makes us feel happy inside.
    Maybe you did not know you could do that,,, but you do.

  4. Hi Kathryn) How is it possible that the head of Voodoo stays so beautiful in shape while you do it wet in wet? This painting does indeed seem to be even more beautiful than the last. A little sun is always good for the feeling and if you're feeling good, it is also better painting. Although ... your paintings are good all year round! Fine Easter days and many painting fun. A big hug for Bruno and Maggie. XX

  5. We love your work! Happy Easter, Miss Kathryn☺

  6. Lovely starts and Happy Easter to you too!