Monday, June 15, 2015

A Goose-y Fairy Tale

I mentioned in my last post about wanting to paint geese again. When I drew this, for some reason [probably their positions and postures] a story started to come to mind.

It also served as a poured watercolor demo for last Saturday's class.  I started with thin pours of aureolin, quin. red and cobalt blue. I moved the geese a bit closer together than in the drawing   to have a continuous line of white.

When I bought it home and looked at it, I tried to imagine what they were doing, thinking, where they were going. The two geese on the left looked a bit lost. The goose on the right looked like he was trying to re-direct them ... but WHY? Because they were heading toward a haunted forest!!! Hence the old, gnarly tree in the background.
I did a bit of w/w on the geese, then masked them and did another pour, this time of indanthrone blue.

I gave the tree some color - quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone.

Did a graded wash of indanthrone ...

... removed the masking ...

... and have started some work on the geese.

Thank you so much for dropping by ... the saga of the geese continues ... 


  1. Good evening Kathryn,
    Oh how I love this watercolor! The colors in the background are beautiful, and the geese, the feathers have such a fluff to them.. Looking forward to seeing the completion.. And I hope you will share the rest of the story..

  2. I think all the geese are looking very brave!

  3. You love your geese :) Thanks for walking us through this, Kathryn, to someone like me, who has never used watercolours, this is really interesting and quite spectacular.

    I look forward to the saga unfolding ...Golden Eggs? ... Goosey Goosey Gander (my favourite place) ....??

  4. Your painting is coming along beautifully, Miss Kathryn!

  5. I can't wait how the saga will continue! Great washes!

  6. This is coming out wonderfully. Love the storyline.

  7. The story as well as the painting seem to be unfolding beautifully. You seem to have a lot of patience the way you go about your work. Waiting to see the final product.

  8. I just love this Kathryn! Beautiful! Love the story too ;0)

  9. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you created some stories together with your fabulous watercolors....remember Beatrix potter ? xx

  10. Oh my these geese are so lovely friend. Your colors are superb. Loving it.