Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paintings on the Go ... Three Works in Progress

This started out as a class demo last Saturday. I was showing different ways of applying pigment. I dotted the branch with clean water, and then dotted in some color - quin. gold, quin. burnt orange and cobalt blue. I liked the look, so I worked on it at home ...

The leaves and stems all got a wash of aureolin. Then I used quin. colors for the leaves and softer, non-staining colors for the stems.

Here it is - thinking it will look good as an 8 x 8 in. varnished work.
The markings on the petals is a quin. pink, and the grey for the shadows is a lavender made of quin. pink, cobalt blue and aureolin.

reference photo
I was heading to the park to walk the Maggot, and these apple blossoms at my neighbor's house caught my eye. The light was early evening - just perfect.

This was another one started in last week's class. Almost unrecognizable ... OK, it IS unrecognizable!  It is a Venice scene, very faint at the top, darkening to some gorgeous warm greens and browns at the bottom.

Did a fair bit on this one before I got my camera back from repair.

I am here now, trying to get those shadows in the yellows dark enough. I think yellow is the most difficult color in which to create credible darks! I think I may have to use the oranges.

That's it in my part of the painting world for now.
Thank you so much for dropping in!!


  1. We just know that all 3 of them will be stunners!

  2. Love both the flowers!!! Yellow is very difficult, but these orange and green shadows look great!

  3. The apple blossom is so delicate, I had to zoom it up to fully appreciate it.

    You're certainly on a roll, Kathryn, nice to see. :)

  4. You have been so busy Kathryn! I love all the WIP ...the flowers are coming along beautifully and I can't wait to see Venice develop. Of course the dog is finished perfectly. Congratulations!

  5. Such pretty paintings and a taste of the summer which is yet to appear!

  6. Deliciously light and airy the painting of the apple bloom ! xx