Sunday, October 11, 2015

Why I'm Not Getting as Much Painting Done ... and ... a Parrot's Progress ...

Can we go for a walk NOW???
As soon as the sun starts to rise, Maggie is ready and raring to go! She has SO much energy! I take her and my landlady's dog out for an hour in the morning. And of course, Bruno; on the days I ride, it's another 2 - 3 hours there. Teaching is also taking time away from painting, especially the drawing class. But I'll get all of it organized ...

This is my reference photo, taken by a woman with whom I work. I loved the pose, and the colors in the neck area.  I had planned to work those colors into the background of the painting, but got swept away in a different direction,.

I masked the cockatoo and some palm leaves, wet the paper, and  dropped in some aureolin, pink and phthalo blue.

I started drawing in more leaves, and masking them ...

... and totally lost the bright colors.

So I will try something else. The parrot will now be red. I am painting the shadows in ultramarine blue, and the parrot will be done in cadmium red. These are both colors I never use, so this will be interesting.

My color swatches - I had thought a thin glaze of phthalo green would be a good shadow, but the ultramarine blue actually looks better. The green was quite dull-looking.

This is a photo I found on the internet that I am using as a color reference only.

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Hi Kathryn,
    I am sure Maggie keeps you busy.. An hour walk is a good stretch... I am quite surprised that you are able to get any painting done... You have a very full schedule.
    Love your WIP... I am looking forward to seeing it completed.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead...

  2. Very interesting art work !!!
    Have a nice and creative week !!!

  3. There are only so many hours in a day, we can't do it all can we. There are priorities and so it is :-) Glad to see you though whenever I see you :-))

  4. It will be a new great work! Arianna

  5. The leaves behind the parrot are spectacular, Kathryn! And I agree, red would be perfect for this parrot. Have fun with your animal friends!

  6. We're both in he same boat. I am hardly getting near art at the moment. But I'm pleased to say my 'Work-to' list is finally reaching the bottom.
    I just want to get to the position when I can start building my boat in the day, and paint at night.

    The parrot is coming along well, quite a challenge. They are another 'happy' bird to paint :)

  7. the feathers are starting to look lovely :) looking forward to your red parrot

    what kind of dog is maggie? A kelpie? looks like one from behind :)

  8. I'm totally dizzy with your schedule Kathryn! I don't know how you do it!!! lol.... This is going to be a beautiful watercolor... the pose is perfect and I love the color you chose...I will be looking forward to your next post!!! (I walk Cali for 1/2 hour in the morning...if she heard you...she would want to live with you...lol)

  9. And your still creating magic!

  10. Dear Kathryn - I had to laugh about Maggie and Bruno...it certainly doesn't leave much time for painting with everything else you are doing too. Your cockatoo is going to be lovely I am sure. I love the pose. Always amazed at how much planning you put into your art. It certainly shows too. Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather. Hugs!