Monday, November 16, 2015

Painting ... Making Mistakes ... Hopefully Learning ...

I played with the background of the chickadees, using "sludge" colors. That's what I call sedimentary pigments, as they are heavy and cover almost everything else. But I must admit, they give a decent look here. I'll probably try these two again, after touching up the drawings and doing a proper value study.

And this cutie will be done, too.

I started this in class last Saturday. I like the mountains, and the sweep of the hills ...

... but somewhere I lost it. I don't think the green was a good idea.

I did a quick finish at home. I think oranges and yellows throughout the work, with some violet shadow would be a better plan. The class wanted to do a landscape, so I thought I'd try to paint something along the lines of the big painting I have to do with all the animals. The person who commissioned the work lives in a part of the States with dry, rolling hills, with tall and rough-looking mountains in the distance, so I tried a practice run on the background. 

This is what I am playing with right now. Again, it was something I started in class; this one is preparation for a larger painting. I need the bright colors, and  the  accommodation of flowers - they don't mind too much what you do with their shapes and colors in a painting.

Thank you for dropping by!!


  1. I just love these birds. You seem to enjoy experimenting, Kathryn, which is really encouraging to us lesser mortals.

    Got to go before we lose power ... monster storm approaches straight off the Atlantic.... bye!

  2. Such nice work Kathryn! I love the rolling hills and awesome mountains! I can't wait to see the chickadees finished!

  3. I like everything you do,, There are no mistakes. its all beauty,, and we loved the little chickadees.

  4. I love the birds! The backgrounds are perfect. The flowers are very beautiful as well! John's monster storm has now arrived in Holland, so we all have to hang on to our hats! :)

  5. love the brightly coloured flowers :D

    and the mountains look good, nice textures ;)

  6. Always so many things going at the same time ( I should talk ! ) , love the birdies but the one really taking me in is the flower, already looking fab ! xx

  7. Oh Kathryn, your work is just beautiful! I love the birds, and the soft colors of the mountains.. You are so right, flowers do not much care what shape and colors... This is one thing I love so much about art.

  8. Ah Kathryn if those are sludge colors they are the prettiest sludge I have seen. Your birds are so sweet. Hope to see cutie finished too.
    Your landscape captures the movement of those hills. Very serene and peaceful scene.

  9. That little bild sure is a cutie! Looking forward to see him ready. Love to follow your work ☺