Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wishing All of You the Best of New Years!!!

Gorgeous double daylily for a reference

I masked the flower, and did a w/w wash with burnt orange and indanthrone.

Re-masked the stamen and pistils, and started playing with the petals w/w, using aureolin and quin. sienna. 

Trying to take consistent photos is impossible at this time of year.
More w/w glazing with the orange for the flower, and quin. gold and indanthrone for the greenery.

I took this last summer at a neighbor's - I was taking care of her animals for a week. I don't think I'd seen hanging begonias before this.

The colors used so far were indanthrone, gold and brown madder. I masked the flowers, then wet everything and daubed on the three colors, then when dry, went back to work on the leaves and stem.

More detail on the leaves.

This gives a better idea of the actual colors, though I find with  multi-colored washes and glazing that the color is  very difficult to re-produce with photo and computer.

Just another example of how varies the colors appear.

Started to add more color to the flowers - alizarin crimson and quin. sienna - and glazed the fallen petals with alizarin.

This is where it stands now - almost done! I did want to create a moodier piece, focussing more on overall atmosphere rather than the plant. 

I finished up the chickadee, too, but somehow he looks like a stuffed bird to me.

It has been a difficult time for me. My aunt passed away Dec. 20. She helped bring me up - was around a lot. And for the past number of years, she was a strong supporter of my art. She had a good - no, great - eye, so was invaluable as a critic. She was my mentor and patron. I do, and will, miss her immensely.
Slowly, I am getting back to painting, pushing myself, because my heart is not really in it.

Thank you all for dropping by, and I wish you all the best in 2016!


  1. Again Kathryn, I'm so sorry about your aunt! These paintings are all beautiful and I know she would have loved them.. I'm glad you're back to painting....when I lost my Dad getting back to painting helped me so much. Sending you Lots of hugs!

  2. Dear Kat
    No matter what you and your paint brush create,,, it is spectacular to us.
    Each step of the way even when you think your not finished with it,,,
    it looks perfect and beautiful to us,
    No the chickadee is perfect,, its not stuffed. Its exactly how it is in it life. Everything is different, just as humans are.
    Were so sorry about your Aunt. Your heart needs time to heal.

  3. We just love your work. Everything you do is so beautiful! We are so very sorry to hear about your aunt. Hugs to you, Miss Kathryn ♥

  4. Dear Kathryn, so sorry for your loss, I know also from previous posts how important she was to you. Take your time my friend, sorrow needs time to heal, your work will surely help you , and as always it is beautiful and immaculate ! Are you sure the hanging Begonia isn't a Fuchsia ? Wishing you all the best ! xoxo

  5. These paintings are truly beautiful and I thank you for the progress shots. That's always such a help to me as I'm such a visual learner!

    It's so hard to lose someone who has been so important in one's life. I'm so happy that your aunt mentored and supported all of your art efforts. It makes such a difference in one's life. A part of her will always be with you in your art because of her encouragement and interest.

  6. Sorry about your aunt, Kathryn, I hope painting will help. Your flowers are so gorgeous, she would have loved them, I'm sure.

  7. The memories of your aunt will stop bringing pain and begin to bring joy, Kathryn. My aunt and grandmother, basically, raised me and I still miss them but remember more the good days, the laughter, singing, joking now, but it took much time.

  8. My dear friend - I am so sorry about your aunt...my thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. It is very difficult at times to pursue the things we love to do when our hearts are burdened. It is good to see your beautiful art though and I am sure your aunt is still looking over your shoulder and is proud of all you are doing. Hugs

  9. Very beautiful !!!
    Happy and Creative New Year !!!

  10. Sorry to read about your Aunt :(

    Chickadees look stuffed, they are such round pudgy birds

  11. You have been most productive over the holiday season! The flowers are a sight for sore eyes, but the chickadee steals the show. Excellent presentation.

  12. So sorry for your loss Kathryn, we lost my Mum-in-Law in the Summer and still can't get used to not having her around. I hope you find solace in your painting. Your work is always so stunning.

  13. Happy New Year Kathryn! And what a stunning start! These paintings are stunning! :0)

  14. Wonderful work Kathryn. I wish you joy, peace and good health in 2016!

  15. So sorry about your loss,be strong and I am sure you'll have a great art filled year ahead! Have a beautiful 2016!

  16. I wish you a wonderful and creative New Year, Kathryn - I always look forward to seeing your art and this year will be no exception. My deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved Aunt.

  17. Beautiful work my friend. I am so very sorry about your Aunt. Hang on tight, she is with you, always.

    And thank you for your kind words on Howie, much appreciated.