Thursday, January 26, 2017

Well ... THIS Is Going to Take a While!!! Latest Work in Progress

My Tracing. I really do prefer drawing free hand, but when the subject is this complex, and the details are necessary, I trace from my photo.

The subject

The colors. The pink hollyhocks, from my sister's garden, have beautiful shapes and shadows, but I thought I'd try doing them in yellow. The above photo is from my landlady's garden.

MANY glazes, starting with aureolin, then  gold with phthalo green, and several of  phthalo green and burnt orange for the darks.

Finally finished all the glazing yesterday, and am starting the subject.  I found I didn't get as much streaking from applying water to pre-wet before glazing by instead wetting gently with a spray bottle. So far, I am  using aureolin, and quin. pink with the blue shade of phthalo green for the shadows [weird combination though it seems] And I am staying with gold, burnt orange and phthalo green [yellow shade] for the greenery.
Once again, I leapt in without fully appreciating how difficult this would be. But we'll see what happens. I think I'll need to have a couple of "easier" paintings on the side to work on when I start going cross-eyed with all the detail on the hollyhocks.

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. It's coming along just beautifully! Hollyhocks are so pretty!

  2. Hello dear Kathryn,
    This painting is going to be exceptional! The glazing is beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing the process.

  3. That green background is to die for, love it. A complex subject made to look easy by your explanation which, as always - thank you, is useful to a poor novice.

    Looking forward to the next post. Stay warm, Kathryn.

  4. the background looks good, really nice greens :)

  5. This is coming along SO beautifully Kathryn! I look forward to the process. It looks very complicated to me especially that I don't do flowers !!!! Lol. Hugs....