Tuesday, February 7, 2017

With a GREAT Sigh of Relief ... the Hollyhock Is Done!

Finished glazing aureolin on the flowers ...

... then started on the leaves. They have a nubbly surface, so I tried to create that impression by sponging first.

I then glazed with some phthalo green and gold, and indanthrone and gold for the darker areas.

Glazed over all with the same two mixtures.

TA - DAH! Well, not really. It was very difficult to get the look of shadows on yellow, as well trying to maintain the delicate feel of the petals.  I am very happy to call this DONE!

I did a black/white edit to see how the values came out compared to the original photo.

I also did a touch up on an oldie from a year ago, darkening the shadows. I think one of my big faults in painting is being too cautious. 
Meanwhile we have been having the most un-Vancouver-like winter.  It's been very cold since the beginning of December, with several dumps of snow. This was taken on our walk Sunday. we have had more snow since then, and still more predicted for tomorrow. Everyone you talk to here has said "ENOUGH"!! Our weather is usually with 0 - 5 C temperature, and rain, not -10c and snow. We are a pampered lot here in Lala Land :)

After a hard slog through the snow, it's good to have a lie-down in front of the fire.

And Bruno has done nothing for over two months. It's going to be interesting getting back to riding - for both of us.

This was my beast on Sunday. I've dug it out twice since then.

Thank you all for dropping by! Stay warm and safe!!!


  1. Dear Kathryn - yeah - you made those Hollyhocks seem so real - great job with the shadows too. I knew you would finish them up just fine. Wow you have snow and we have rain...sounds like your winter is what we usually have. :) Sorry - sometimes the weather just gets mixed up. Have a great day. Hugs!

  2. Your painting is just gorgeous - the flowers and the leaves♥

  3. The HollyHock is beautifully finished Kathryn!!!!! So delicate So perfect!!!! outstanding colors as well.
    You're getting slammed with a lot of snow! We're getting snow on Thursday....we'll see!!!
    Take care!!!!

  4. LOVE the hollyhocks! That dark background gives them a mysterious beauty that keeps me looking.
    So sorry about your snowy winter - I always long for snow but I know it is not your favorite!

  5. The hollyhocks are fabulous - so delicate; thanks for mapping out the process. I just love those fairy toadstool/mushrooms .... magical.

    We are staying lucky in Fishguard with our weather. Although we get Atlantic storms and wind & rain we stay above freezing....still no snow for the 7th year (unlike the rest of the UK)

  6. Oh my brrr, I don't envy you all that cold weather ! Luckily your lovely ( and perfect ) hollyhock is a reminder that warmer times will come :-) xx

  7. I have read the weather there has been very odd, and lots of places in B.C. that normally hardly get any snow, have gotten slammed

    the flowers look really good :) you made the right choice with the shadows

  8. Beautiful job!! And it is hard dealing with yellow and trying to get darks - you did a fine job on this!! Love the photos of everyone in the snow (although I am sorry you are having so much snow - we just had a little dusting last night for the first time since we've been home but February is usually our month for real snow if we are going to get any). Cautious is okay = you can always go back and darken but not alway lift! ha ha

  9. The hollyhocks are perfect! I think we are having your winter over here: plus in the day, minus in the night, but mild weather over all. :) Stay warm!

  10. Dear Kathryn,
    Your Hollyhocks are simply breathtaking! The shadow are great.
    Burrrrr.. I don't think I could take that cold.. Stay warm by the fire.

  11. Dear Kat, Sorry to have been not keeping up... But here I am because I wanted to see what you have been doing in blogsphere.
    First of all........ your flower is so splendorious! The colors are perfect, The leaves are perfect, and beyond beautiful! You have magic in you and it comes out at just the right times!
    This winter has been too harsh here,,, and I see the harshness in your world,, your world of cold.. But your paintings bring light and hope,,
    and I can feel it.