Friday, September 24, 2010

Why ... ?

From side, where you can see the bang
From front

   Why? Either the night before, or early in the morning, the lad saw fit to crack his right hind HARD on something harder than his leg. I went down to feed his morning hay, and his leg looked like a giant sausage. At least he hadn't gashed it. However, that was the one day I had to be in an office, so I did not have time for tender ministrations. All I could do was give him some Butazone [anti-inflammatory/analgesic] and take care of it later. I think Bruno may have got a bit wound up with all the activity the previous day, and wasn't as careful as usual with where he put his feet. [Horses are like that.]
   So today I have spent cold-hosing his leg every couple of hours. I've also worn a hole through the skin of my hand raking and smoothing the footing, which is still quite uneven. That, and getting organized and packed for weekend two of the open studio tour. I'm really hoping, with the promised better weather, the attendance will be MUCH greater. I'll keep you posted.

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