Sunday, October 24, 2010

HORSES ... can't live with'em, can't live without'em

   I am sitting here at the computer, listening to Bruno out in his field and paddock, screaming like a banshee. All his friends in the adjoining properties are inside, and being a herd animal, he misses them. I tried having a companion with him last winter - a cute and small retired school pony - and he was so possessive of me, he would chase her away when I went in the paddock. One morning, he was so intent on chasing her, and the noise next door, he ran into me. He sent me flying, and then ran through me as I was in mid-air. End of "roomie". Which is worse? a jealous and protective horse, or a neurotically lonely horse? I guess whichever causes me less pain!
   I've had horses now since I was 30. Almost never before that time did I have many accidents. A.H., [after horse] I was a regular at the hospital. Sweetie. my gorgeous Hanoverian mare, sent me flying innumerable times. Once, she got me off, and I stupidly held onto the reins. She started bucking, and her hind legs were coming down on my lower abdomen like pistons. After 4 or 5 solid thumps, I let go. My doctor later told me her hooves were less than an inch from the femoral artery, and if hit, I would have bled to death in less than a minute. So it goes. Another time, she also kicked out at a speeding truck, got my right arm, and presto! ... compound fracture.  Ah yes, her imperial highness and I had MANY adventures together!! Yet she could be SO sweet and gentle. I remember my mother bringing my 6 month old nephew to the barn. Her highness was in her stall, and came over to reach out over the stall guard. Julian was playing with her head, and at one point had his tiny arm up to the elbow up her nostril. And she just stood there with a slurpy, loving look on her face.
   Then there was Carlo, a handsome young thoroughbred who had been badly spoiled, and as a result, wanted nothing to do with training and riding. When he finally tossed me, and I could hear and feel my pelvis crack, that was it for Carlo.
Sweetie, geared up with fly mask, heading for the trails 
S. and me [yes, that's her tongue]
Her Highness and me, one summer morning
Bruno and Paulina [my niece] a month ago
   And now I have Bruno ... very tall, sweet and not too clear on the concept of carrying someone on his back. He was a successful pacer at the local track. When he had a minor injury, his owner decided to retire him. My trainer thought we would be a good match. I think so, too, but right now, we are going through a little period of adjustment. So, once again, I am feeling this little niggle of apprehension about riding him. It's cooler, and he is full of piss and vinegar. He has turned out to be quite athletic, an admirable and desirable asset, ONCE you have it more "under control". In the meantime ...

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  1. Wow, I sure can understand that little niggle of apprehension! After all those accidents, I'd have given up long ago. Take care .....