Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Session with the Model

   Last Christmas, for his wife, my horse vet commissioned a painting of her much-loved dog, Tobias. She was so thrilled with the painting, she cried when she saw it, and "Tobias" nows hangs in their bedroom. Now Mario has asked if I could do a portrait of their other Mexican rescue dog, Cindy. [ who I think is half or full sister to Tobias]
I think this will probably be the one to paint.

Very grumpy-looking here.
I don't know what to make of this pose!
   Today was another gloriously warm and sunny day, so I walked down the street in the late afternoon for Miss Cindy's photo shoot. She was not as cooperative as her brother, and I had to get down on the wet, newly-cut grass to cajole her into posing. She is as cute as a bug, and very sweet, but from some of the photos, I can't help seeing that she looks quite like an Ewok [one of the teddy-bear creatures from "Star Wars"]


  1. Beautiful portrait. Your work is so sensitive and lovely, just a joy to look at! And your new model DOES look like an Ewok! But I always thought they were very cute. :) Good luck with the new portrait!