Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dreaded Moment Has Arrived ...

View from front door

Around the corner

Poor hollyhocks

A valiant effort by lupines and calendula

Bruno, the blue bit in the distance, out in his field
   Yup, it came last night, the dreaded cold and snowfall. Thankfully there is very little snow, and I hear not much more is forecast. However, it is going to be below freezing during the day, and, dammit, I have to be at an art fair tomorrow and it is an open air venue.
   I don't even want to say much about winter, the cold, the snow, and the dark except that I hate it. You can't ride; horses don't ski very well. You can't drive; I've had two accidents in the snow,  one of them involving me spinning in circles on Highway 99, and only being stopped by the cement divider. I REALLY hate the snow!!!
   Enough! More about the show tomorrow.

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