Sunday, November 21, 2010

ShedRow Christmas Event ... or ... DAMN, It's Cold!!!

Brunz at morning hay

Icicles from his blankets
   I woke up early to head out for the show, wanting to have plenty of time in case the roads were bad with more snow. Well, I first had to use a hair-dryer to heat the window frame so I could close the frozen-open window. Yeah, off to a good start!
   Then I went down to the barn to feed Bruno, who was quite warm and happy, thank you very much. The icicles on his blankets indicate he was warm enough to melt the snow on his blankets. Then, pack up, and off to the show.
   The roads were very clear, plowed and salted, so the drive was not the problem I'd anticipated. So I arrived at Barb's, set up, and was there in the barn till 4:00. It was COLD in the barn, but only 2 exhibitors left because of it. The rest of us visited, chatted, sipped hot drinks, and I think had a good time. I did sell a framed painting [one I almost didn't bring] to a woman who was very happy with her purchase. For me, having someone that pleased and excited about having and displaying one of my paintings,  is worth much more  than the sale.

Barb greeting Santa

The farm looks very different under snow

Santa stopping for a "smokie", before he heads out 

Onno's car , loaded with salt for the driveway

Again, looking very different

Mallards in the back pond

This close-up of a tulip has gone to a good home


  1. That looks fun!! We had our first snowfall of the year last night and my boys have been out playing in it all afternoon, now they're all excited for Christmas. :)

    So glad your painting found a good home! Hooray!! And your WIP below is looking great, it's so hard when you don't have a great photo to work with, but you're doing a fantastic job. :)

  2. Wow braving the elements in the name of art, now that is dedication! A little hard for me to contemplate since it's been in the 70's here. Congrats on your sale, how exciting to have such a happy owner:)