Saturday, December 11, 2010

... and Now for Something Completely Different

   Well, not really. This is about my niece, Paulina [Julian's sister] They are alike in that they are both bright, beautiful, [or handsome] athletic and determined. Julian spoke like Elmer Fudd till he was six. Paulina [aka "Chickie"] added and embellished her consonants; instead of cream, it was pream; in lieu of Ripley, she called their dog Bripbrey, and so on. Julian will quietly assess a situation, and usually come to an "agreement". Paulina seems to argue just for the sake of arguing.
The model

The painting

Paulina, a few years ago, with Lucy

The determined artist

Riding Bruno, a few months ago

Halloween 2010, she has "Bieber fever"

Wearing my birthday balloons last summer

Working her fabulous fashion sense on Ralphie
   But she is her own woman, that's for sure, with her own fashion sense. I'll never forget her taking dance lessons, and insisting on wearing her tutu well below her "root beer" belly. She does her own thing. She has also been one of my models.


  1. What a fantastic post!! :) I really enjoyed it. And what a gorgeous painting of a very lovely model. Great work!

  2. How terrific that you are painting such wonderful treasures for your family to pass on for generations. Isn't it pretty cool that our art is our legacy at least one of them anyway:) Wonderful!!!

  3. Fantastic portraits, Kathryn! You are so talented! xoxo