Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jules and Me

Jules and I, enjoying a moment. He's about 2 years here.
Jules at 9 years, form a photo at my 50th birthday

Julian, with his 1st fish. He's 14 years here.

Julian at 15.

Bond, Julian Bond - 16 years old
   This is my nephew, Julian, soon to be 17 years old. And like most of us older folk, I still see him in my mind's eye as being 2 1/2. WHY is that??? From the time I first saw him, I have felt an ease of relationship. [unusual for me, a lone wolf] I could always make him laugh as a baby. He was always an interesting person to be with, and is still so. I suppose the reasons are partly that he came along at a very traumatic time in our family, and that he is quite a bit like me in some ways. I remember my mother bringing him to see my horse, when he was about 8 months. He was fearless, though her head was bigger than Jules' entire body. He had his arm, to the elbow, up her nose, and Good Ol' Sweetie just stood there with a slurpy look on her face.
   Now, soon to be seventeen, Julian is very handsome, bright, thoughtful, athletic, [a great hockey player] and artistic in the literary arts. I love him to bits. That's my Jules!

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