Monday, December 27, 2010

I HAD to Do It

   Yes, I had disappeared off the face of the planet, the art portion of it anyway. I've been focussing my energy on Bruno, who I was rapidly turning into 3/4 ton of spoiled horse. I suffer from a severe case of "Black Beauty" syndrome, and I blame that on the fact that my parents would not buy me a horse when I was young. I studied the piano for 15 years instead of riding. I don't regret the lessons, as I have a great love of music, but a horse would have been great. Consequently, I had to wait till I was 30, and then buy my own.
   However, the result of this delayed gratification of my passion for The Horse, is a very strong tendency to spoil them rotten. A spoiled horse is a dangerous horse, with little or no respect for their person. Add to this, the fact that I do not have quite the intestinal fortitude [guts] at this time of year to be as disciplined as I need to be, and you have the beginning of a rebellion on the part of the horse.
Bruno, being a good lad

"What the ... ?"
   Yesterday was THE day. I steeled myself for the confrontation, and worked hard to maintain a calm and non-reactive bearing. Bruno was a bit of a turd, and there were some scary moments, but I won the upper hand, or "hoof".  I was NOT brutal; I could never be that way ... just firm in my demands. And I am pleasantly surprised at how his quieter, better-behaved manner has affected ALL his interactions with me.
Cindy Redux
Bee in asters
   I am painting. Working on a re-do of Cindy [I just don't like the green background] and a close-up of a bee in some asters. They are both in warm colors; I seem to need that right now.


  1. I really liked Cindy. But I'll be interested to see what you do with the new one too. :) And the bee looks great! Oh Bruno, he is a beauty, I can see why you spoil him. I am somewhat the opposite of you. Had horses all growing up, worked as an assistant trainer right out of high school and then married the love of my life who has asthma and is allergic to horses! Oh the cruel irony!! :)

  2. Bruno looks gorgeous. I can see why you suffer from "Black Beauty syndrome." :-)

  3. Bruno is a beauty! thanks for visiting me. Your paintings are wonderful!