Monday, December 20, 2010

The Painfully Prolonged Tale of Miss Cindy ... or ... IT"S FINSK!!!

Initial sketch

Dog outline masked, then play with background

First glazes on dog

Close up

Many, many thin glazes to build up coat texture

More texture, and some face detail

It's there, in essence, but needs depth. This is where Anne's help came into play.


Senorita Cindy

   This portrait took much longer than I had anticipated. True, I did want to go slowly with her coat's glazes, to achieve a sense of wooly depth. But I also suffered my usual dose of the "winter megrims", and quite often did not feel like painting. [or anything else] 
   Cindy was painted with my favorite animal colors - quin. burnt orange, quin. violet and indanthrone blue. The background grass was glazes and sponges of aureolin, phthalo. green, quin. gold, quin. burnt orange and indanthrone blue.
   I must add, at one point near the completion of the painting, I contacted Anne Zoutos, a painter who creates marvellous dog portraits. I took her advice, and it has really helped the painting. Thank you very much, Anne!!!


  1. This portrait is excellent, I appreciate you showing the steps you take, and sharing the color choices.

  2. Beautiful - and I like how you show the steps. Glazing makes the difference! Congrats on your inclusion in the Guild of Realism (from prior post).

  3. It's beautiful! Truly you've captured her character here. :) Great job.

  4. A wonderful portrait, Kathryn! It was worth the wait! Merry Christmas!

  5. how fun (at least it looks that way!) it turned out wonderful

  6. I so enjoyed seeing your process with this one! Lovely portrait and just painterly enough to not be harshly photorealistic.

    Thanks also for stopping by my blog, I always love hearing from you.