Saturday, January 1, 2011

YAY ... Another Rose Process

Another gorgeous rose from Pat's garden

For a change, I did the background 1st - phthalo. green and quin. violet

Start playing with leaves, wet in wet

More depth to rose and leaves

Decided I didn't like leaves in green, went to quin. violet

     As I sit here typing, I'm "entertained" by the pitter-patter of little rodent-like feet under my roof. The little bugger has been running a marathon up there! I'm hoping he's here only as long as the cold snap lasts; it should be warming up in a day or so. Anyway, here is another floral painting. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


  1. My first impression was that you first versions with the light green leaves were the best, but after looking for a while, I got persuaded that your final version is the best! Nice job!!

  2. What a beauty.....I too like the colour of the leaves...

    Happy new Year to you and thank you for all your support in following my blog, it's been much appreciated....