Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Calling This Done ...

Masked, and 1st washes of aureolin + quin. pink
Some quin. burnt orange + phthalo green , after 1st glaze dry
More green - looking a bit bilious
More green + aureolin
Mask off

I am sitting here, trying to think of the name of this flower, and I'm drawing a blank.  However, it is huge, red, white or pink, and scented. This is quite a small painting - 5 1/4 x 7 3/4 inches. It's just something I had to do to "keep my hand in", so to speak. I love to hear from you all, so feel free to leave comments!
HAH!! I had done another one before, and the name was there ... it's a PEONY!


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    I LOVE seeing the process, thank you for sharing - it really exposes the patience and time taken in your amazing creations.

    I don't know how I missed your last post!? I need to check in more often - I love the texture you captured (amazing with watercolours!)

  2. Beautiful.. And the way you got to the final background from first wash is very interesting.

  3. Gorgeous painting!
    All paeonies have names - how about "Sultan's Delight" ? It reminded me of rose turkish delight, you see - that's a beautiful pink hue :) xx

  4. Right . Peony :D. I know I'm being a wise guy ;) it's beautifully done.

  5. I love that you shared to process with us. I was surprised at how to arrived at the final wash too - very interesting! And what a stunning result! It is absolutely beautiful :0)