Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scott's Shed ... or ... Long Time No Process

  I must admit to having a case of the painting megrims. Nothing has really inspired me to seriously pick up a brush. However, I have started two today, and I managed to get this one "finished".
   The Painting is of Scott's [ my friend and farrier ] backyard shed. I was over one evening taking photos, mostly of his pup, Sadie - when she would be still long enough to take a picture. I moseyed into the back, and this scene caught my eye. It's rather stark and bleak, sort of Georgia O'Keefe-ish. But I found it compelling, and still do. In this modern world we live in, I don't approve of hunting [ I still remember my father taking my sister and I to see the doe he'd shot; the two of us had JUST seen "Bambi" ]
   Back to painting...

Rough sketch
Thin, mixed wash of aureolin, quin. pink and cobalt blue
Windows - thin cobalt blue with thick indanthrone dropped in
Walls - thin wash of a brown - aureolin, carmine and cobalt blue
Some quin. burnt orange on window, and some grey to start modeling skull
Skull quite moss-covered, so work in some greens
Detail work on skull and shed
6 x9 in. / 22 x 16 cm.
Photo - decided to leave out whatever Scott has hanging from the antler 


  1. Love old sheds and the addition of the animal skull really makes it different. I do like this painting! xx

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing the gradual process. Very interesting!

  3. That is very cool Kathryn. I LOVE this because it is so different, although me and you are on the same page about hunting, but anywho the thing I think I like the most is the windows. Such awesome colors mingled to perfection. :)

  4. I really enjoy your compositions and bringing us your take on the world. This one is especially interesting - compelling and beautifully done - in spite of the doldrums!