Sunday, September 18, 2011

Catching Up ...

I started by masking what will be a spray of water, then dropped in quin. pink, quin. burnt orange and phthalo blue

I've laid in color on the skin, hair and shirt.

Just intensifying everything. Now I need to go in and get some good skin tones and shadows.
This was my morning's effort

  A BrunZ news flash ... The lad was diagnosed with arthritis in both hocks [ hind leg "knee" ] I am not surprised, as he spent at least five years at the pacer track in Cloverdale, pounding on the equivalent of cement, doing his thing as a race horse. It has left him stiff and sore, so to alleviate that condition, my vet recommended injecting both joints with a combination of hyaluronic acid and a corticosteroid. Friday evening, Mario came over, set up all the equipment for filing teeth [ also needed ], filled syringes, and gave Bruno a shot of tranquillizer. It takes effect within seconds, and B. was zonked but standing. Mario first gave the hock injections. Then we muscled his sleepy body into a sort of head-holder, propped his mouth open, and filed the teeth. When the vet was almost done, I slipped back, with a bucket of water, soap and cloth, and cleaned what you would not believe needs cleaning. Ahhh ... the glamorous life of a horse owner!
   Now the lad needs time off till Tuesday. Then I can walk [ only ] for a week, and then gradually build up our work, focussing on strengthening his back and hind end.
   While Bruno's off, I've had a bit more office time, as a dental hygienist. And I've also had more time to paint. Right now, I am working on a long-ago-promised painting of a friend's nephew. I'm really enjoying it, and that is usually an indication that it will turn out well.


  1. The painting is looking wonderful. Love the palette and composition. Hope Bruno is feeling much better after the treatments. It must have been so painful for him.

  2. Can't wait to see this:) Looking good so far! I've never even ridden a horse so it's very interesting to hear about all that goes into taking care of them.

  3. This painting is really promising, love when you share the steps, looking forward to the next one.
    And thank you for sharing these stories about Bruno, poor fellow, age is catching up, but he is obviously in excellent hands :-)