Monday, October 17, 2011

The Goose Hunt

Where I get my real farm-fresh fruits and veggies.
You can just make out the North Shore mountains in the distance.
First stop ... ducks
Some attractive [ie. paintable] peppers
Another paintable, gourdish plant
Geese and goslings
My favorites, so big and handsome and low-slung
This should make an interesting painting
All in a row

I set out to get some greens this afternoon, and, as always, passed a small farm I have been meaning to visit for years.  They have poultry, most importantly - geese. So I pulled in and tried to find the owner. A Chinese woman eventually appeared, speaking almost no English [and me, no Cantonese]. I think she gave me an OK to take photos of the geese, so  off I went. I waded through muck and soft soil to find a way into their pens, and it was worth it! Of course, they weren't into posing, so I had to be very quiet and still, down on my knees, to get some shots, and then quietly and unobtrusively follow them around. But I have my goose photos. I find them so handsome and awkward at the same time - love them.
My shoes, after the great goose hunt.


  1. Dear Kath,
    All your photos are so beautiful and already look like paintings, even your shoes!

  2. I love to paint geese too...but they can be pretty mean sometimes! :-)

  3. You got some great shots!! Can't wait to see what you paint. I love geese paintings, although I don't much care for geese. They are not the nicest of birds. :)

  4. Great pictures, you will have fun painting them. artbywendysblog.blogspot.com

  5. Great pictures, Kathryn! I see some future painting here!

  6. I love your Farm and the surrounding area. So beautiful.
    Now be careful of these geese, you know they attack don't you ;)
    and they hisssss