Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Great Day All Round ...

Finished vignette
The Grande Dame   11 x 15 in. / 28 x 39 cm.
Looking NE from the lower levels of High Point
Wonderful walking/riding trail on perimeter
Looking NW
Looking NE from far side of H.P.
One of my favorite views form H.P.

Great day! Took 4 paintings over to High Point [a large "equestrian estate" around the corner].  They have a large community building, overlooking the huge indoor arena, that is used by members and others who wish to rent the facility. Apparently there is a lot of "traffic", and the manager was keen to display the paintings. I hope someone falls madly in love with them, and can't imagine a life without them! [Hahaha]
I did a few hours of painting after that, and managed to get the car finished - I think. Then my friend [and landlady] invited the Boxer Girls and I out for an hour and three-quarters hike around the perimeter of High Point. The entire development is enclosed by a very well-maintained pedestrian/riding trail. And it was a glorious day [clear and 18*C - felt like a summer morning].
I got back, changed into riding gear, groomed the lad, and had a short and sweet ride. I am keeping the rides short, so I allow his muscles to come back easily, and to keep the ride positive. He is learning to carry himself [as we say in the horse world]. He is developing the awareness and the balance and musculature to shift  his weight and propulsion system to his hind end. Left to their own, horses tend to use their front end - awkward, unbalanced, and tending to break down more quickly. In Nature, I suppose it doesn't matter as much, as horses do not live as long as they do when cared for in a domestic setting [THAT sounds awkward!]
Anyway, I must remember today when it is pouring rain or snowing outside. And as ever, please feel free to leave comments.


  1. Loved the car. I think the colors are just so good. And the form of the beauty has also come out really well.

  2. The painting has come out beautifully. The pictures are great too. Would love to see you converting those into paintings. I hope your paintings are well received. Good luck!

  3. Nice job on your car, Kathryn. Hope you make a few sales at the new venue too!

  4. Love the painting of the antique car...they make awesome subjects. Great pictures as well.

  5. love the vignette!
    Good luck with the hanging paintings at High Point xx

  6. Hi Kathryn, old cars is something special, full of aesthetic suggestions. I really like the realization that you've painted, you always do with cleanliness and beauty.
    Thanks for everything, greetings, Fernando.

  7. Your little car is a treasure - what a perfect painting!