Monday, October 31, 2011

Note to Self ...

I HAD to post this - it completely cracked me up when I saw it!!!!
Himself and me.
The first note to self today was to buy a new riding bra. There is nothing worse for a rider than cruising along at a beautiful, even pace - the horse is giving his all - and your bra strap has decided to migrate south! 
Herself - Miss Maddy
First washes of aureolin and quin. burnt orange
A glaze of cobalt blue, to tone down the previous washes 
Getting into the quin. violet and more quin. burnt orange
The paint was flying at this point, and I managed to get a fine spray of burnt orange on her face. Considering that will be one of my primary colors on her face, I don't think it will be noticeable. The second note to self is to buy some good masking fluid, and try using masking film!
More quin. violet, and indanthrone blue.
I am not sure if I haven't gone too dark and too brown. I may start again, and leave the background white.
As ever, please feel free to leave comments!


  1. Backgrounds - my art tutor always used to say, don't worry about how it looks until you've finished , because the centre of interest will change how you view it. If you don't like it when you're done, change it then.

    and if I was a dog, I'd poop in your shoes too, if you dare dress me up! ha!

  2. Ha ha ha.. I cracked up too. Too awesome.. I love your WIPS. Especially the initial washes are a pleasure to watch..

  3. get that bra fixed girl! amazing poop in shoes, what a face!!i love yoda speak! makes me smile it does. it's wonderful to see your background develop, beautifully done. great post gunkie!

  4. Lovely post, laughing all along...and I love your self notes, the way you say it, specially the first one, I suppose it is a little like when you are running/jogging :-)
    Great as always to see your procedures. xox

  5. Too funny, Kathyrn. Great post and love your WIP. Looking good!

  6. I find it so fascinating to see how your work progresses from a white page to the finished result, which I can't wait to see!
    I used to horse ride my self, so I know what you mean about the bra, lol! Best buy a good one or it won't be just the strap migrating south! :0)

  7. Thanks for the laugh, Kathryn!
    The painting is coming along great. The background looks too dark when compared to the white space reserved for the subject. All that will change when the horse is painted in.

  8. Can't wait to see this one progress. I have never in my life ridden a horse, maybe someday:))

  9. I LOVE that Yoda cat!! SO funny. :))) And you and Himself look so good together! What a beautiful boy he is! Give him a kiss for me. :) And your WIP is coming along beautifully! Love the color and texture of the background.

  10. I love your sense of humor and always love a photo of himself :D
    Nice painting Kathryn.
    Ummmm about the bra, my condolences ;)