Wednesday, October 5, 2011

... Something in the Air ...

Did this sketch quickly this AM
Been clarifying and simplifying this for weeks
The REAL bun
Beauty of a 1931 Ford, at CruiseIn this summer
I think this is the same make and year
I took these photos 10 years ago, in a field not too far from home

I was reading Carrie Waller's blog post this morning, and found I am not alone in being frustrated with my art. Apparently Carrie is looking for her "style". I found myself so fed up with my art yesterday, I trashed the hibiscus I was working on ... and it felt GOOD! It was a nice photo of a pretty flower with beautiful colors, and that was it. I am trying to find/see some meaning in my work.
The portraits I did of John and Steph were received in a lukewarm manner. Steph made the comment that I should stick to graphite or pencil sketches for "people" portraits, if not all portraits. She loved the pencil works, and thought they would probably be more salable as well. So here I am. Any thoughts or grumps gladly received!!!  


  1. No my friend, you are not alone:) I told my husband last week that I know why Van gogh cut off his ear... he was frustrated! Love the bunny and the car, know that you ARE doing a great job.

  2. Wonderful photos, and don't take to heart the less than wonderful compliments you received. Evidently they were not tactfully said to you and I'm sorry you felt badly at receiving them. Your work is beautiful and you are a beautiful and thoughtful person. I have many paintings I think are awesome, not one will sell and I've learned not to offer to show my work to those who negatively criticize me and can't or wouldn't pick up a brush themselve.
    Hope this put a smile back on your face.

  3. Nice drawings; and works. When in doubt or frustrated by your paintings, put them aside for another day. Don't destroy them right away.
    If you really can't stand them, put them in the dishwasher with no soap and cycle them. The majority of paint will come off and what will remain is a start for another painting
    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Have a wonderful, creative day. Linda

  4. I don't think that people realize just how personal our art is to us. If they did I'm sure they would tread much more carefully with comments they give us. I thought your watercolor portraits were beautiful and very well done!! And your bunny sketch is fantastic! And the car?! Di-vine. How in the world did you get it so perfect looking? I struggle with inorganic forms like this.

  5. Thanks for the shout out!! And I'm sticking my tongue out at the folks that didn't receive your watercolor portraits with the greatest enthusiasm. Just keep it up, and don't let the negative comments get to you! Have you ever noticed we may receive 1000 positive, encouraging comments, but we dwell on that 1 negative comment. It cuts us to the core and validates our own inner critic. So I say just keep painting, just keep painting and write that comment off!! You're fabulous:)

  6. Kathryn I can't believe what I am hearing, I have always admired your work so much, and I think you are very hard on yourself. We are all in crisis regarding our paintings once in a while, but we all have our own style and we should stick to it because what we are 'creating' is coming from inside ourselves.We paint what we are drawn to , and if the result makes US happy, I think we should trust ourselves more... I do it my way and you do it yours, and we won't even listen to negative criticisme...but constructive....yes please. That said , we can't be loved by everybody, ask 10 people and you will have 10 opinions so I think we must try to have some self confidence! Keep it up Kathryne, you are doing so well. Big hug!

  7. What a rotten time for you!
    Personally, I don't think you should only stick to pencils for portraits. I think you should do more - but learn the one lesson, not for relatives any more!
    Learn the craft of portraits on people you don't know, because there is no added emotional investment then - and less likelihood you will be hurt *hugs*
    As for looking for a style.. perhaps you don't have just one.. perhaps you, like a few other artists I know are more than capable of creating in many styles. Don't get fixated on one.. just paint what calls to you.
    Now I prescribe a nice hot drink and a box of chocolates :) xx

  8. Your artwork is adorable. What a cute bunny! Love, love, love those car images too. There's something about decrepit old things that just speak to me. (maybe because I'm one of them!)

    You're not alone in trying to find your style. I think its more about doing what's right for ourselves rather than trying to emulate another artist's style that we enjoy. Celebrate your own unique take on life. Talent like yours is like gold dust. x

  9. Love your sketches, Kathryn! Especially that 31 Ford..Excellent! I think we all get frustrated with our art sometimes..I love your portraits especially Pauline at 12.! I did a portrait of my sister not too long ago which I posted and she "really" didn't like it..BUT I appreciate her comment. (I THINK!)

  10. I think the sketches posted today are fabulous, just as are the pictures. I admired all your watercolor portraits very much. And I believe it takes a special understanding to appreciate watercolour. I especially loved the one with the stoll. I do think its true that pencil and graphite are a tad easier than watercolour, but then its not that watercolour is impossible. This is what Richard Schmid has to say about watercolour,"A well executed watercolour is a genuine tour de force, and I have nothing but humble admiration for anyone who can do it consistently and without compromising the subject to accomodate the demands of the medium .... oil paint is duck soup by comparison."
    These are the words of a man who as won the AWS Gold Medal. Therefore I dont think anything in should ever discourage an artist from watercolour painting.
    My best wishes, I am sure your critiques will change their opinion very soon.

  11. the voice that always comes to me at times when I am so frustrated says:
    "just paint, Melanie, just paint."
    so... same for you, "just paint, Kathryn, just paint"
    leave the rest to the rest...