Monday, October 3, 2011

Time for a Big Flower

Washes of aureolin, quin. gold and alizarin crimson
More washes - quin. burnt orange, phthalo blue and alizarin
STILL more washes - phthalo blue, alizarin and a final quin. gold
The unveiling
Original photo

I was feeling the need to do something big and floral, so I checked  the photo library, and found this gorgeous hibiscus.  I did a sketch with the leaves included, and found it to look too cluttered. So I decided to paint a background that would give depth but allow the flower to dominate. I think there must be at least twenty graded washes in the background already, and I must say it felt GREAT to splash on paint with [relative] abandon! I'm not completely happy with the masking I'm using - finding it slightly marking the paper. If you have ideas on masking fluid brands, let me know, please. And, as ever, please let me know what you think ...


  1. I have winsor and newton. It works great, though I have not really used it extensively like you have done here. But sometimes I have used it for saving some highlights here and there and it works great. No marks on paper..

  2. Hi Kathryn, I rarely use the masking fluid for the same reasons you are mentioning, but i think they just do that...mark the paper.
    Your painting is looking good, but of course I want to see more..looking forward to seeing the next step.

  3. The background does have a nice soft, richness to it. I use Winsor & Newton masking fluid and when you remove it, pull it away from you parallel to the paper. If not left on for too many days it seems to come off quite well with no marks. artbywendysblog.blogspot.com

  4. I LOVE that background!! It's going to make that flower look amazing. :)

    Have you tried masking film like Elizabeth Kincaid uses in her book? I tried her method a few years ago (I don't do it anymore, I'm working on incorporating more soft edges into my paintings) and found it to be super effective. You only have to use a tiny bit of masking fluid which cuts out all the problems.

  5. Love the background washes!
    I have a masquepen, that says about me and making that I only use a little at a time. Nothing on the scale you're using.