Thursday, October 13, 2011

An Unexpected Day Off

Smoke from my fire
Lucy, one of my barn "helpers"
Pumpkin, not much of a helper, but here she is
My aunt, who drove 50 miles to "play with fire"
Bruno, self-designated Fire Marshall, and me
Not too interested in having his picture taken
Ahhh ... that's better

I was expecting to work today, but the receptionist called yesterday to let me know I was only booked on Friday. So I decided to take advantage of the good weather, and burn off all the old and moldy hay, blackberry bush cuttings and other garden- type waste. Out here, you are still able to burn outdoors in October and April, if you purchase a burning permit from the township. I KNOW it's environmentally a big NO-NO [and I'm so good in most other environmental aspects], but there is something atavistically appealing in burning a large pile of stuff outside. When I was a child, home owners in Vancouver were permitted to burn all the leaves raked from their property. I loved raking and playing in the leaves, and then burning the piles early in the evening in the gloaming.
I started collecting and piling garden clippings, then got to work inside the barn. I had so much hay I hadn't had a chance to get rid of, from previous years. And this last winter there was so much that His Imperial Self refused to eat, though I did manage to give away 30 bales to my farrier [who also owns a boarding barn, and can always use extra hay].
Anyway, there we all were in the relatively warm sunshine, having a good time. My aunt and I worked for 5 fun-filled hours
 I just realized, you probably have never seen me before this. Please do not let yourselves be overwhelmed by my chic attire! I am a high-fashion "barn grunt", and proud of it!!  :)


  1. Lovely to see you and your animals and even the mad arsonist of an auntie :lol:

    The picture of you and Bruno is gorgeous, you look so happy and he looks so soppy snuggled into you. xx

  2. What fun! You can't beat those great fall days and working on a project, I totally know what you mean. Looks like you both had a great day. artbywendysblog.blogspot.com

  3. Kathryn , I hope you will get a lot of other unexpected days off, seems you had a lot of fun! You live in wonderful surroundings, I do envy you a little...but in my next life I want to live in the country , too :-)
    You are right about burning leaves and stuff , there IS something atavistically appealing about it.
    Enjoy your weekend.