Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update ... or I Need a Break ...

I think I left off here ...
Added some background, to give myself an idea of how dark to go with the car, and to give it a ground
More car color [brown madder]
Some "grass" in front [which looks like it will need some shape change] and a lot of fussy detail work on the car, most of which I can't even see on this screen!

The Boxer Girls have been taken home for the weekend, but they'll be back. Their mom misses them so much; she picks them up Friday night, and then brings them back Sunday evening. So now I have time for my things - Bruno and painting, and some gardening, too.
I still like the old car, but it has reached the fussy detail stage. I needed a break, so I thought I would post what I have so far. I must admit, it has been much more interesting/challenging to paint without a photo propped beside me. I find myself having to think and plan more.
I had a small inner debate earlier - painting or watching an end-of-the-world movie. I LOVE apocalyptic movies. It must be a carry-over from my younger years. I still remember my dad pointing out the satellite "Sputnik" to me, as it sailed overhead. And it was the time of the Cold War, when anyone who had a nuclear or hydrogen bomb to blow up was doing so. I really did have dreams [nightmares?] about trying to run away from some inescapable doom. Sorry, sometimes I get a bit grim!
Back to NOW. If any of you would like to comment, you are more than welcome to leave a note. I love them.  


  1. Kathryn ..put the car away, and start a new painting... at least this is what I do when I reach the weary and fussy stage, after some time you look at the painting with different eyes.
    Always interesting reading your post.
    Have a nice sunday!

  2. Love how the old car is coming along. I like to watch end of the world movies too. My family thinks I am crazy but I look at it this way.....they say if you can think it, it is possible and they show all sorts of ways to be safe and stupid things not to do, right? So I use them to learn, study and contemplate my fate in a disaster. You know, when something goes down.............I'm usually the one prepared for it. So who's laughing now! :)

  3. I love the car Kathryn. It doesn't look fussy to me at all, in fact I think your washes look particularly loose and juicy. ANd I LOVE apocolyptic movies too!!!! And books. :)

  4. I have weird dreams ;) Always glad to wake up and find that it really was a DREAM!!!!