Monday, November 21, 2011

What They DON'T Tell You about Being an Artist ...

This isn't QUITE the color, but it gives you an idea.
An older painting that looks quite good matted.
Another oldie, looking fine.
Wild snail done last summer. The green mat suits him.
The sea turtle is perfect in deep blue.
This one was a bit awkward. We finally decided to pick up on the dark blue in his forelegs.
Another oldie, spiffed up with a teal mat.
An old study I painted of antique farming equipment, stored at a nearby park.
Another older painting, the better for the green mat.
The peony was a difficult decision for matting. We chose to accent the dark central color. 
The iris pods look good in warm green.
Grace, of course, gets a black mat.
Picked up the deep blue shadows with the mat color.
A study I did of Carmel.
This mat picked up on the dark green in the iris stem.
And the orange went well with the goose's feet.

A week ago, my aunt and I took 16 paintings to  the local art supply store, to do some mat selection. We were there for over 2 hours, sorting samples and having a good time [believe it or not].  I picked up the cut mats,  some acid-free linen hinging tape, and clear acetate sleeves to protect the matted paintings on Sunday, and spent some time today mounting them all. It never ceases to amaze me how much a piece of colored  cardboard around a painting can improve its appearance!!! I am so very pleased with how they look, I had to share. [ They are mounted squarely- it's my photography that is crooked]
This is all in preparation for a Christmas art show being held on Dec.4, at a gallery called Watershed Artworks, in North Delta. I have done very few shows [last year only] but I know I have a better idea of how to prepare myself, and present my paintings this time.
As always, all your comments are most welcome!


  1. Kathryn they look amazing, you have selected well. Hope you enjoy your holiday show.

  2. What a wonderful pot pourri of your paintings Kathryn, wish you a great success with the exhibition!
    I agree with the matting matter, it changes a painting completely...for the better... it's magic!
    Have a nice day. xox

  3. Selection of the right color of matt is so very important. Wrong selection can kill a painting while right selection can enhance the look of one. Even I spend quiet a lot of time in my matt selection..

  4. They look great, Kathryn. Wish you all the best for the show xx

  5. They look wonderful, Kathryn. Lots of luck with the show.
    Carol B.

  6. wishing you all the best for you show katharyn ...they look excellent mounted love your wild snail .

  7. A good mount/frame really does make a good painting great doesn't it? It can make all the difference! All of these paintings look wonderful and it is a joy to see them all like this :0)
    I can't wait for my latest bear to be dry enough to frame :0)

  8. All, and i mean all these paintings are awesome! I love them all and the mats do make them even better! :-)

  9. So many beautiful, beautiful paintings. Iadore them. In one word: GORGEOUS. I found via via your blog. Splendid
    Lovely greet from Holland

  10. Yes, the framing makes lot, but only if what is to be framed is worth framing. In your case, the answer is definitely YES!


  11. Nice selection. You've got something for everyone, Kathryn! Good luck with your show!!

  12. Kathryn, I am in awe. So many beautiful paintings. Thanks for adding such beauty to my day. :)

  13. I am so impressed with your paintings all matted up so beautifully ! Makes my heart sing. Hope the show is all you want it to be. Congrats on a great presentation!